How Can You Help? This is a growing but daunting ministry due to the great need. There are many ways to help as the many current volunteers and contributors have learned.

Individuals/Local Churches

1. Pray for the more than 20 Million persons in the world who have lost the use of their legs through polio, landmines, war amputations, earthquake amputations, crocodiles, etc.

2. Give/Raise Funds: This is always basic. It takes money to buy metal and parts, to weld, to package, to ship, and to distribute. Ask — and you shall receive — is the message of scripture. Be creative.

3. Find People with welding, metalworking, or woodworking skills who will agree to help build PET parts. Help them with expenses–buy the metal, etc. Help them ship it to a PET Place.

4. Find Businesses that sell or make “off the shelf” items needed for the PETs. Get them to donate or sell to you at no profit. Send the items to a PET Place.

5. Talk about the PET Project. Promote. Gossip about it. Say to folks in conversation, “Our church is doing a fascinating mission project…” Tell the story.

6. Link your website to ours. In your church/business website provide a brief introduction to PET’s mission of mobility and then link to our website at

7. Collect and bring to us other used mobility devices such as canes, foldable walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Even if they need minor repairs/replacement parts, we receive and send them on to one of our distribution partners, Hope Haven International Ministries, in Iowa. HHIM refurbishes used mobility devices and distributes along with our PETs.


To donate by mail, please print out our donation form (PDF), fill it in and send it along with your donation to:

PET MO-Southwest
16382 Lawrence 1180
Aurora, MO 65605

If you prefer, you can authorize a monthly debit from your account and become an angel to all those you help with your donation. Print our authorization form (PDF), fill it in, sign and return with a cancelled check.

Gifts from the Heart

Honor your loved ones while helping to provide another person with mobility. Two gifts in one, a Gift from the Heart celebrates a special occasion, in honor of, or in memory of while supporting the work of The PET Project. A note will be sent to the person being honored, and all Gifts from the Heart will be listed in our next quarterly newsletter. This gift information can be filled out on our donation form.

Estate Planning

As you consider estate planning, consider making the PET Project a part of those plans. The need for the GIFT OF MOBILITY is an ongoing need with millions around the world awaiting it.

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