PET is now Mobility Worldwide!

After extensive discussions of the need to change the name of the PET organization, the Trustees of PET International, with the help of Advertising for Good, decided on the name of Mobility Worldwide, a name that is far more descriptive of our ministry and identity, and will make us more “find-able” on the Internet and on social media. “We spent far too much time explaining what our name meant instead of talking about our mission and our product,” commented Trustee Chair Jim Conn.

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Our mission: Mobility Worldwide seeks to reflect the love of God by bringing the gift of mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.

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70+ million[WHO] people worldwide are leg disabled

  • due to birth defects, disease & casualties.
  • Without help, they crawl in the dirt.

Your gifts to Mobility Worldwide provide these children of God with hand cranked Mobility Carts, vehicles that allow them to go where ordinary wheelchairs won’t go. There is no cost to the recipient – we reflect the love of God by giving them the Gift of Mobility.

Since 1994:

Mobility Worldwide would like to say Thank You to the many who have given their time and resources to enable the Gift of Mobility to reach those in need.

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