Our Work

At Mobility Worldwide, we aim to end immobility by producing and distributing mobility aids to those who need them most in underserved communities. Our Mobility Carts offer those with disabilities access to a fuller life by increasing their ability to work, provide for their families, and interact with society.

Why Mobility Matters

Increased mobility affects every aspect of life. It helps people access more of the world around them and reach their full potential.

For Children

This change could look like an increase in school attendance, more opportunities to interact with more children their age, and the chance to access better-paying jobs as they grow older.

For Adults

Mobility opens doors to work opportunities, increases their ability to travel and access healthcare, improves how others view their value in society, and removes the stigma surrounding immobility.

For Community

People in the lives of Mobility Cart recipients are transformed  when people with disabilities can access more of the world around them, as mobility increases opportunity and promotes prosperity. 

Impact Stories

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How We Move the World

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