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2023 January Update

Submitted by:  Mark Moffitt The past two years have been challenging due to COVID and related issues.  The MN-Twin Cities shop was closed for about two months in 2020.  When we re-opened in mid-2020, we required the wearing of masks and other precautions to prevent an outbreak of COVID within the shop.  As part of the restricted shop operation, we did not allow drop-in volunteer groups to come in to work.  As a result of our precautions, we have not experienced any COVID cases within the shop.  We have relaxed some of the COVID restrictions but are still cautious and watchful.  With the COVID risk continually dropping, we will soon be inviting our long supporting drop-in groups back to our shop. Our shop installed a paint booth early in 2022 with excellent ventilation and screening to keep fumes from permeating the shop and building.  The paint booth includes racks for hanging parts to be painted.  After painting, parts are moved to racks in a drying area to allow additional parts to be painted.  This operation has become a very streamlined process, reducing wait time in our cart construction. In November 2022, we received a significant grant from International Paper.  International Paper has become a strong supporter of our Mobility Worldwide Twin Cities shop.  In addition to funding support, they supply us with cardboard shipping boxes and packing materials.  Thank you, International Paper! Supply chain issues have also challenged our production, but not stopped it!  The shop is still productive and building Mobility Carts. Our goal for 2023 is to build 275 Mobility Carts. On January 26, 2023, we completed and packed in a shipping carton cart #1802.  We are closing in on the 2000th cart built by the MN-Twin Cities shop! From 2015 through 2022:
  • The MN-Twin Cities shop shipped a total of 1,615 carts including 292 from other shops.
  • Mobility carts were shipped to Kenya, Nigeria, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Gabon, and Madagascar.
  • Distribution partners included World Vision, Global Health Ministries and Easter Lutheran Church, MedShare, and The E4 Project, and Orphan Grain Train.
The MN-Twin Cities shop is grateful to our donors, supporters, and volunteers, all of whom make this mission project possible.

May the work of our hands be a blessing to those in need.

Give the gift of mobility.


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