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“The PET Song”

Venture International:

Wheels of Life is produced by Venture International our Distribution Partner with a mission in Kyrgyzstan. In January 2009, 140 Adult PETs and 22 Junior PETs were shipped from Penney Farms, Florida. Venture International knowing the need and situation in Kyrgyzstan, they responded to the mission of P(ersonal) E(nergy) T(ransportation) as expressed by Larry Hills, Executive Director and co-founder of PET, as he explained PET in these words: “PET is about hope and sharing God’s love. Pet is about dignity and self-respect. About getting to work, to school, to church, or carrying a load.” This 12 minute DVD tells the story of delivering PETs to folks in Kyrgyzstan.

Mercy in Motion:

Sarah Hill, newscaster for KOMU-TV Channel 8 in Columbia, Missouri is known for her award winning “Sarah’s Stories.” Sarah has traveled from mid-Missouri to Sri Lanka in pursuit of stories of extraordinary human interest, so going to Vietnam to film a “distribution” of PETs and wheelchairs was a perfect fit. What could be more exciting than interviewing and filming mobility impaired men, women and children on the ground one minute and, the next, seated upright, mobile, dignified, and filled with hope?

Sarah and KOMU-TV videographer, Scott Schaefer, accompanied by PET co-founder, Larry Hills; PET International volunteer executive director, Steve Baima; and retired nurse from Ashland, Missouri, “Vee” Faschiotti, joined up with a 9 member volunteer team from Hope Haven International Ministries (HHIM). Four hundred wheelchairs and 40 PETs were shipped to Vietnam by HHIM, a primary distribution partner for PET. The distribution occurred at Da Nang, a large city on the coast about midway between north and south Vietnam.

Volunteers from HHIM led by Val Brummell evaluated the recipients to determine the appropriate wheelchair or PET. Larry and Steve assembled and adjusted PETs to fit recipients. Physical and occupational therapists, and others specially trained were in charge of “seating”. Vee, with the aid of an interpreter, conducted exit interviews. All the while, Sarah and Scott interviewed and filmed. They documented a snapshot of time illustrating the lives of our brothers and sisters, their plight without mobility, and their hopes and dreams for a future with mobility.

KOMU-TV Channel 8 (mid-Missouri NBC) aired the PET series of Sarah’s Stories in mid-Missouri in February and March 2007. “Mercy in Motion” earned Sarah and Scott 2 Emmys.

KOMU’s Sarah Hill and Scott Schaefer traveled to Danang Vietnam with Hope Haven International Ministries and the P.E.T. Project to produce a four-part series on the humanity of some to help others who can’t walk.

DANANG, VIETNAM – In Vietnam, more than 6,000 people are on a waiting list for some form of mobility. In Danang, the PET project of Columbia, MO is working to make the list a little shorter. Sarah Hill and Scott Schaefer show you how the volunteer work not only provides mobility, but profitability as well.

DANANG, VIETNAM – Next month, the PET Project will roll out its ten-thousandth personal energy transportation, or PET. Travel to Danang Vietnam with Sarah Hill and Scott Schaefer as they show you how the PET Project is helping give the gift of mobility.

DANANG, VIETNAM – While Columbia was experiencing 15 inches of snow a few months back, a team of Boone County volunteers was dealing with a typhoon on the other side of the world. Tag along with KOMU’s Sarah Hill and Scott Schaefer in Part 4 of the two time Emmy Award winning “Mercy in Motion” series to see how volunteers help change the lives of those around the world.

Photo courtesy of Delbert and Sandy Groves

Photo courtesy of Delbert and Sandy Groves