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These are some of our shipments of Mobility Carts in 2017:

8/254 smallHospital Sisters Mission Outreach, Springfield, IL
8/12 smallHonduras via Virginia Hospital Medical Brigade
7/2618 smallSierra Leone
7/269 smallOrphan Grain Train
7/267 smallAmerican Friends of Kenya
5/179 smallSamaritans Purse / World Medical Mission
3/2945 smallOrphan Grain Train
3/2418 smallLiberia
3/1527 smallBrother’s Brother
3/101 smallYamoussoukro, Ivory Coast
These are some of our shipments of Mobility Carts in 2016:

12/2072 smallUnited Mission to Nepal
10/184 smallABWE Hospital in Togo, Africa
10/460 smallKenya for Partners for Care
9/271 smallCarlisle for Africa
8/235 smallCongo’s Pioneer Christian Hospital
8/16108 smallMedShare, GA for Kenya
5/317 smallAmerican Friends of Kenya
5/2433 smallWorld Vision, Pittsburgh
5/412 smallHospital Shalom, Guatemala
5/320 smallTema, Ghana via PET FL-Penney Farms
4/1236 smallDIF, Acuna, Mexico
4/536 smallMedShare, Decatur, GA
3/810 smallWorld Medical Mission / Samaritan’s Purse
2/99 smallFATDA Liberia
2/950 smallMedShare
1/1920 smallBrother’s Brother Foundation