December 2010: “For me, Christmas Came in April This Year”

By Jeanne Jacoby Smith, McPherson, KS

Previously published in The McPherson Sentinel, McPherson, KS, Dec. 2009

For the next several days, McPherson resident Jeanne Smith will share her experience with PET-Kansas to deliver Personal Energy Transportation wheelchairs (PETs) to Honduras in April 2009. Kirby and Christine Goering from Moundridge, Kansas, operate the nonprofit charity.

DAY 1: For me, Christmas came early, in April, this year.[Read DAY1]

DAY 2: After our rendezvous with the Pacific last night, we left Tegucigalpa and traveled in darkness to Choluteca, the fifth largest city in Honduras. [Read DAY2]

DAY 3: As we left Choluteca, we circumambulated the Sierras de Agalta.[Read DAY3]

DAY 4: As I relaxed by our wood stove during the snowstorm last week, I “re-membered” Christmas as it happened to me when I traveled with PET-Kansas’ to Honduras this year. [Read DAY4]

DAY 5: On Sunday evening our group from PET-Kansas left Santa Lucia with plans to deliver Personal Energy Transportation wheelchairs, or PETs, in Siguetepeque.[Read DAY5]

DAY 6: We were tired, all of us, this last day. I contemplated our journey of one long week.[Read DAY6]

DAY 7: We arrived in Tegucigalpa with one day to go, tired but excited as we anticipated our journey home.[Read DAY7]