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IF MOBILITY CARTS COULD TALK what stories they could tell!  Many would be happy and glorious stories about how the Mobility Cart dramatically  changed the life of a person who had been bound to the land by leg handicaps.  They would all tell the proud story.  But they would also tell sad stories of the poverty, degradation, marginalization and hopelessness of the social setting into which they entered.

Peoria Build Day

Peoria Christian Reformed Church members funded and assisted the assembly of 22 carts on August 4, 2017. These hand powered carts will give dignity and newfound joy to 22 recipients as they maneuver the roads unassisted. 

Thanks to many hands another milestone was reached – #2800!


Learning to box Cart testing Sewing Cutting to size

Pella 2 Build Day

The Mobility shop in Leighton was blessed with many volunteers from Second CRC on June 9 and 10. Sixty Mobility carts were boxed!! Imagine the joy of the recipients that will receive these carts! All ages participated, see the pictures below. Also thank you to many who provided the delicious coffee time and lunch.
Boxing a Mobility Cart CartAssembling and enjoying time togetherQuality inspectorAll hands helpingPutting parts together to box


In February 2016, some of the Mobility Worldwide Leighton team had the opportunity to travel to Haiti to help distribute carts. These are a few of the experiences and lives changed on this trip.

We brought a Mobility Cart to the church we attended just to show them why we had come to Haiti. We noticed that a young man was parked just outside the church. After the service we talked to 17 year old Maximo and checked out his broken down 5 year old Mobility Cart. We decided that Maximo needed a new Mobility Cart. He was so happy and just took off down the road. God had the use for that Mobility Cart that day. Maximo’s huge grin was a huge pay day for us. Praise God!

A new Mobility Cart

Dieuvoline was the first person Pete gave a Holland child’s Mobility Cart to almost 4 years ago. Since then he has seen her 2 more times making adjustments and fixing her Mobility Cart. She is now 14 years old but with her disability still needs a child Mobility Cart. Carol picked her up easily and she loved being held and didn’t want to be put down even though there was a shiny new Mobility Cart for her. She did acclimate to her new Mobility Cart and seemed  happy with her new wheels and a pretty new dress when we left.

Being heldSitting in a new Mobility Cart

This 10 year old, Thebeau, has not been able to walk since birth. Her father told us what a happy day this was for their family!

New cart helps girl get around.

hugladyJackson gets a Mobility CartCleone is giving Tim a big hug after receiving her Mobility Cart. This 75 year old was in an accident 3 years ago and had to be carried everywhere.

(right) This is Jackson. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident 3 years ago and is now using a Mobility Cart.



Ardi Receives a Mobility Cart from Leighton


Sutikno Gets Transportation through Leighton


Ibrahim Taqi is a blacksmith from the Mamboi village in Sierra Leone.  He was affected by polio since he was a child and had crawled all his life.

Blacksmith before getting a Mobility CartBlacksmith on his new Mobility Cart









These two brave ladies are from a village in Sierra Leone.  They heard about the Mobility Cart distribution and crawled from their village to the main road (about three miles).  Notice the change when they received their carts and mobility!Ladies crawling to get a Mobility Cart





Two ladies on Mobility Carts








Mobility Cart in ZimbabweTafa Denhe and his family were thrilled to receive a new Mobility Cart brought to Zimbabwe.  The family’s ability to function as a family depended on Tafa.  He is a leader in their church and is a tailor and sews in his home to have income.  Gifts of watermelon were given by Tafa, the pastor and and a neighbor to express their thanks to the people who delivered the Mobility Cart.



DKG8k4heyKpYfqv7rARn-7owQEPvoLosXAWLcrvXj-ULast year 100 Mobility Cart carts were donated by four affiliates including Mobility Worldwide Leighton- IA.
The photos captured the day that mobility was given to many. The distribution partner for these carts was Kenya Relief.





Two new Mobility Cart get a test run.A group receiving their Mobility CartA man sitting on his new Mobility CartLooking at new transportation