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Georgia – Atlanta

Wish List

Here is a wish list for items of equipment and tools which we would love to have donated to help us get going on producing carts.  If you have any of them and are willing to donate them, let us know.  If you need to have them picked up, let us know that as well.  They need to be in good working order and have all factory safety features attached.  For materials, we need good quality 1x6x12 pine boards, as many as possible, up to a pallet load.
  • At least three cordless drills with spare battery packs and chargers.
  • Packaging stapler, strapping tools, package sealing tape tools,
  • Two shop vacuums, at least 10 gallon size, including attachments.
  • Chop or cut off saw – 10-12”
  • Table saw – 10-12”
  • Combination 6” x 48” belt sander and 9” disc sander and stand
  • Router and router table, with quarter round shaping bit
  • Bench mounted drill press with assorted bits
  • 3” x 21” portable belt sander
  • Band saw with stand
  • Dust masks, at least 4 sets of ear protection, safety glasses, clear plastic face shield
  • Hammers, rubber mallets, screw drivers, wood chisels
  • Bar clamps – 2@ 6” or 8”, 2@ 14”
  • 2 – wood vises to mount on a table
  • 6 – 6” spring clamps
  • 7/16 or 8 mm sockets with speed handles
  • 7/16 or 11 mm box/open end wrenches
  • Industrial sewing machine
  • Fire extinguisher – A/B/C
  • Wire-feed welder, with fixtures, clamps, shields, gloves, etc.

Georgia – Atlanta


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