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Mobility Cart Distribution Trip Opportunities –
Give the Gift of Mobility in Person!
The following lists opportunities to volunteer to experience distributing PET carts in other countries. Volunteers pay their own expenses.
Updated September 11, 2016


The following list shows PET International partners who may provide opportunities for volunteers to participate in mobility distributions in other countries.   Contact the listed individuals for detailed information on proposed dates and approximate costs.

Guatemala distribution, Hope Haven Guatemala, www.hopehaveninternational.org
Contact Mark Richard mrichard@hopehaven.org

Haiti distribution, PET Memphis
Contact: Mark Griffy adgrif@aol.com

Honduras distribution, Jesus es Real,   www.jesusreal.com
Contact: Jim Taylor jim@jesusreal.com

India distribution
Contact: Ishwar Naik   inaik@hotmail.com

Swaziland distribution
Contact: Bob Gabrielse bob.gabrielse.pet@gmail.com

Vietnam distribution, The D.O.V.E. Fund, www.dovefund.org
Contact Fred Grimm fcg302@aol.com