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Mission Seeks to Help More through Rebranding

A new name has been chosen to grow the reach of our Mobility Carts.

While the names PET International and/or the PET Mobility Project have suited the organization wellfor years, the Trustees recognized the time had come to select a new name that helps people make an instantaneous connection with our mission. And so with a unanimous vote, the board selected Mobility Worldwide as the organization’s new name along with a new logo and branding strategy.

Many receive a Mobility Cart (PET) through our partner, Kenya Relief including this woman with a left foot problem and the man in the background with one leg.

Many receive a Mobility Cart (PET) through
our partner, Kenya Relief, including this
woman with a left foot problem, and the
man in the background with one leg.

“We are at a crossroads in terms of our long term growth strategy”, Jim Conn, Board Chair said. “It is absolutely critical that we attract more supporters—whether they are volunteers, donors or both—and the new name will help potential allies learn of us easier online and also make that instant rapport”, he said.

The name PET International was chosen years ago, well before the internet and social media exploded in popularity. Today, it’s difficult to find PET International when searching the web as typically animal websites are identified during searches. Even those who are not searching the web can be confused as they too associate us with animal rescue.

The Trustees in collaboration with the Board of Advisors and staff spent many hours thinking through naming options. Discussions began in the spring of this year with decision makers reaching out to many key stake-holders asking for opinions and gauging reactions. Decisions were NOT taken lightly as a great deal of time and energy was spent in analyzing ideas as the group worked to reach consensus before approving the change unanimously.

While some donors will always carry a fondness for the name, PET International, virtually all others will understand the transition and agree with our thinking. Furthermore, it’s important that we honor and respect our past. To do that, a tagline has been developed which links our new name with our proud history. The tagline reads, “Providing Personal Energy Transportation (PET) Carts to the World’s Most Vulnerable People Since 1994”.

“We are being very proactive in getting people to understand our new name and logo”, Scott Walters, Executive Director said. “We have hosted conference calls and are providing materials for Affiliates which they may use to help get the word out”, he said. For additional information, call or write Scott Walters at (678) 756-1882 or

Team to Investigate Best Rugged Mobility

R & D Committee has been formed to aid better production.

nl23p2Dr. Brad Fain, Principal Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute, was unanimously elected to Mobility Worldwide’s Board of Trustees recently. As part of his volunteer experience, Brad has agreed to chair our newly constituted Research and Development (R&D) Committee. Brad and his committee, comprised of those familiar with Mobility Worldwide as well as those new to the organization, will examine alternatives to our existing carts. As a starting point, his team will first scientifically examine our existing adult cart to offer suggestions for improvement.

“A research and development effort will provide decision makers with forward looking analysis as to how best to bring dignity and mobility to recipients, as opposed to focusing only on the history of the development of the PET cart”, Jim Conn, Chairman of the board said. “R&D will lead an objective analysis of future product lines through independent testing prior to making any recommendations to the Board of Trustees. We are very excited that Dr. Fain is joining our team”, he said.

While at Georgia Tech, Brad has led or assisted in a variety of research programs ranging from the design of fixed and rotary wing aircraft crew interfaces to applied research in the field of accessible design. Also of note, is Brad’s development of evaluation techniques designed to measure accessibility of products and services for people with disabilities.

“I’m flattered that the Trustees of Mobility Worldwide approached me to serve as a volunteer”, Dr. Fain said. “One of my greatest passions is to perform human factors analyses for user-centered designed products. And this organization obviously puts the cart recipient first so it’s a great fit for me”, he said.

Dr. Fain lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Melissa. Welcome, Brad.

WA Artist Paints Scenes on Backs of Mobility Carts

Jack creates art for PET at rehabilitation facility in WA.

Jack creates art for PET at rehabilitation
facility in WA.

Volunteer paints for WA production shop while recovering from a series of strokes.

nl23p3bIn July our Executive Director visited our Affiliate known as PET Inland Northwest in WA.
While there he met Jack Rogers, 93 years, who has a knack for painting. Jack started the art department at Spokane Falls Community College and taught there for 26 years until he retired. But he was still very active until his health got in the way last fall. His friend, Joe Kramarz (volunteer at the Mobility Cart shop), helped him find a way to meet his desire. “I need to make a contribution in this world by helping others,” said Jack. Joe suggested Jack could turn the wooden tail gates of carts into a work of art.

Executive Director enjoys art at WA production shop.

Executive Director enjoys art at
WA production shop.

We are grateful for the hundreds of volunteers who contribute in many ways. Is there a way you could connect your gifts or talents to Mobility Worldwide and help your brothers and sisters around the world through mobility? Call or write to us or one of our 23 Affiliates across the US and Zambia.

Lots of MW Friends Are Hitting the Pavement

Almost one hundred folks have registered for the 2016 Annual Conference September 22 – 24. Please join us in prayers for safe travels for all attendees. Our partner, The Luke Commission, will be our Celebration Dinner speaker to talk about their medical work (including Mobility Carts) in Swaziland.

Summer Match Opportunity

nl23p4Two friends teamed together to form a $20,000 gift if our other friends helped out. Thanks to our family of supporters who made this financial gift a reality. Between June 20 and the August 12 deposit, $20,242 had been received. 59 families, businesses, groups, and churches gave to double their already generous gifts. Part of the $20,000 Match was designated to help with the new R & D Committee (see page 2 article). Colleen is our new volunteer who gathers the mail and makes the deposits. Thank you for keeping her busy. And thank you, Colleen. Kathy Maynard, Treasurer

News Tidbits

Burma and Mauritius have received PETs in 2016 making the total number of recipient countries #103.
Jennifer Mounsey, Director Corporate Engagement, at World Vision reported that “8 pallets of Mobility Carts (34 adult, 14 Pull carts, and 19 child carts) are on their way to Mongolia.”
“Will, it is a joy and honor to partner with you and PET (Mobility Worldwide). I have so much gratitude and admiration for the work you do. What a difference you are making! God bless all of you. Wayne Silver, American Friends of Kenya” (Will Minnette is a volunteer at PET MI -Saline.)

Gifts in Memory or in Honor of

Memory of Donna Hofmeister by Roger Hofmeister; Phyllis Hudgins by William Beddingfield; Virginia Schiller by Jacqueline Schiller; In Honor of Larry & Laura Hills (MW Founders) by Kathleen & Paul Nelson; Dave Andrews’ 91st birthday by Henry & Emily Andrews.