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Three of our distribution partners presented at our annual conference.

Last month, 90 of our Mobility Worldwide® friends joined us in Huntsville, AL for our annual conference. Those attendees represented our board & staff, 16 Affiliate production shops, and 2 shops in process of becoming Affiliates. We heard about shop safety & first aid, viewing & using our new combined website, hearing from our distribution partners, and more.
These two partners have ramped up fast in the last few years receiving multiple 40’ overseas containers of around 200 carts each time – Kenya Relief and Partners For Care. Both have also helped with gathering follow up evaluations/interviews with cart recipients.
Steve James, founder of Kenya Relief, presented our board chairman, Jim Conn on right, with a partnership plague. Kenya Relief has a medical compound performing surgeries and much more.

12 year old Kennedy uses his cart at high school. Meet him in our new DVD; order at MW@MobilityWorldwide.org

Kennedy Matiko is a high school student in Kenya. In fact, he is the only disabled high school student in Migori County Kenya. Think about that! His parents used to carry him 1½ miles to school when he was young. For a few years they pushed him in a wheelchair. When he got his Mobility Cart, he took HIMSELF to school.
“It has changed my life in a great way. When I move around with it, I feel comfortable and it makes my mobility more powerful and I can access what I want. I am feeling so nice and happy. It has made me to be a respected person. Mentally we are the same. The only difference is that I am physically challenged.”

October 20, 2017
Volunteers in Columbia,
MO load 201 carts for
Kenya Relief.

“…People came on crutches. They came crawling on their hands and knees. They were carried. People who for decades may have been outcast from a basic human activity came dragging themselves across the ground for the chance to have access to mobility—for the first time in their lives. That is life-changing… for them and for us. It was the greatest day of my ministry. It was the greatest day of my life.” Steve James, Kenya Relief on a major distribution in 2015

In addition, Anthony Mwaura from Partners For Care spoke during our Celebration Dinner. He has taken the lead on the work of distributing Mobility Carts in Kenya thru PFC. (You can also find him in our new promotional video where he says ‘We Need to Make the World Mobile!’)

We were also fortunate to hear from Linda & C. D. Tripp, AHMEN, on their work in Honduras. “We are primarily a medical team, providing 4-5 days of clinics in the Yoro Mountains of Honduras… In 2012 we started the Mobility Cart distribution through a local Honduran who assesses those individuals with need. Cruzadas de Evangelico in La Ceiba receives ocean containers from AHMEN twice yearly and houses the Mobility Carts in a warehouse. Teams with a need for a Mobility Cart for someone, request them and give them as soon as possible. To date, some 70+ carts have been sent through AHMEN—Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network.
The smiles, tears, and heart-felt thanks of a recipient who is provided with the opportunity of improved mobility, is a large part of why we return each year to Honduras. They are so appreciative and so are we!”

Join with Mobility Worldwide once again by making a donation to change even more peoples’ lives – like Kennedy’s in Kenya or this man‘s in Honduras.

Check Out Our New Promotional Video

“We Need to Make the World Mobile!”

This past spring a video team joined one of our distribution teams in Kenya. They interviewed our volunteers, partners, and cart recipients. Our new 3 minute mission story is shared on our home page. Please check it out. We are joining that with a documentary on one of our co-founder’s life story: Mel West “All the Good You Can Do” and 4 individual recipient stories from Kenya. Copies of that will be available in November. Please share our website address with others to view our new promo. Or write to us for a copy to share with your family, friends, church or clubs at mw@MobilityWorldwide.org. We will gladly send you a DVD to show the mission you are partnering with to provide mobility around the globe.

Indiana Volunteer Donates Award

Bek submits her mission story and receives $500 award thru Everence.

Excerpt: “It was in 1974 that I went with Dean to Shenge, one of the fishing villages he regularly visited for his Ph.D. research on marine fisheries in Sierra Leone, West Africa…I noticed a little girl, following us as children do, hanging around the edges. The difference was that she dragged herself from the beach to the meeting place, her useless legs behind her…We didn’t know how to get help for her in that country with its woefully inadequate medical services…And so she was back there, and I have never forgotten her.”
In 2009 Bek Linsenmeyer found out about PET (now Mobility Worldwide) and visited our Affiliate in IN. She shared with her church who raised enough for three carts. “Approaching it from a Justice standing point, this PET cart felt like the answer to what one could do to help those maimed people.“ She ran into a friend at a store who said he could donate marine grade vinyl for seats.
She found a business who offered her space and equipment to work. Since 2015, she leads the team of 9 -12 volunteers who work two mornings a week. They receive donated vinyl, cut to cart seat dimensions, and ship to production shops around the country (as shown at left).
Thank you, Bek

$10,000 Match Was Received!

Thanks to your great response this summer we received the full match to your gifts. The goal was met in about 1 1/2 months. Thank you and God bless you for your generosity! Scott Walters | Executive Director

PET Mobility Project Foundation Is A Go

For some time now, PET® International (PI now doing business as Mobility Worldwide®) and its leadership team have been dreaming big, and imagining a day when we had the strength and liquidity financially to fund the distribution of as many carts as our Affiliates can produce. We know the need is great and our individual shop resources are finite. In fact, that was the reason PET® International came into being; to develop the resources to coordinate and distribute in an ever more efficient and global fashion.
Volunteer General Counsel Rob Fleming was asked to explore the option of creating a Foundation, an organization under the umbrella of PI that would have as its principal function the solicitation of funds from major contributors, to underwrite the distribution efforts of PI. In addition, to help our Affiliates receive certain kinds of gifts. On August 25, 2017, the IRS granted PET® Mobility Project Foundation, Inc. (PMPF) its 501(c)(3) exemption. The foundation board already has kickoff donations to create a bank account and start its work. Good luck to their team.

“We Provide….Mobility Worldwide®!”

Gifts in Honor of Mel & Barbara West by Mark & Gay Schoene; Jim Powell by Steve Powell; Bek Linsenmeyer by Marlo & Deanna Kauffman, Don & Marilyn Jantzi

Gifts in Memory of Jos Claerbout by Jon & Diane Claerbout; Harley Wegner by Dennis Greenwood; Leona Miner by Eric & Lea Evans; Sally Manns by Kathleen & Paul Nelson; L. R. & Carrie Roper by Peggy & Jerry Roper; Madeline Wilcox by Shirley Meinert; Jeffery Sanders by Virginia Bertz; Lou Ann Lynch by Christopher & Lauren Luhring, Gary Moreau, Sheila Frost & Dave Shaffer

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