January: Your Gifts of Mobility Carts Reclaim Lives! [5.9]

  • MH4H distributing Mobility Carts in Haiti
  • Angel & Efrain receive Gifts of Mobility in Ecuadorian Amazon Rain Forest (0:57 video)
  • Babita’s ride of hope
  • Mobility Reaches Sabubeni Leni
  • United Methodist Women distribute Mobility Carts in Liberia (2:02 video)

November: Give Mobility #GivingTuesday! [5.8]

  • Gates Foundation, Facebook & PayPal incentives to Give Mobility Tuesday!
  • I used to walk on my hands … but when I got this cart from Mobility (2:06 video)
  • Manuel & Ismelda receive Gifts of Mobility in Honduras (1:51 video)
  • Mobility Worldwide also provides pull-carts for those in need (2:27 video)
  • Mobility for Bertha

October: Empower our neighbors with your Gifts of Mobility! [5.7]

  • Philomena, empowered by Gift of Mobility
  • I can “walk” with this cart. (2:21 video)
  • Photos of Honduran Mobility Cart recipients
  • Before I got the Mobility Cart, my parents used to carry me (2:17 video)
  • World Vision Exceeds 2000 Mobility Carts Distributed Worldwide
  • MayeCreate unveils new www.MobilityWorldwide.org

August: Exclaim! Mobility! [5.6]

  • What does Mobility have to do with coolers?
  • Pull Cart Gives Mobility to 14-year-old in Haiti
  • “This … will allow me to be independent.”
  • “I had no idea that the recipients were going to be this excited!”
  • Modified Mobility Carts enable commercial endeavors in Guatemala
  • 2017 Annual Conference September 28-30

June: “We need to make the world mobile!” [5.5]

  • “We need to make the world mobile!” (3:06 video)
  • Changing Lives Through the Gift of Mobility (6:04 video)
  • Omar’s Story (Mustard Seed Communities) (0:45 video)
  • Mobility Cart spotted in Honduras – well worn, with added cover
  • 2017 Annual Conference September 28-30

May: “I want you to know in your heart: lives are being changed” [5.4]

  • Kenya Relief (4:56 video)
  • Mobility Cart enables cell phone repair entrepreneur
  • Around the world, special people need a special PULL-Cart
  • Recent sightings of thoroughly worn carts still in use
  • 2017 Annual Conference September 28-30

April: “Mobility Worldwide is a life-changer” [5.3]

  • Upworthy: Bechibila makes a difference with her Mobility Cart (2:14 video)
  • “Mobility Worldwide is a life-changer”
  • Mobility Carts help disabled vote in Gbintiri, Ghana
  • Mobility Cart recipients’ songs of praise – New Life Center Zambia (1:08 video)
  • Ophan Voice distributes Penney Farms Mobility Carts in Vietnam: Duong Van Huong
  • 2017 Annual Conference September 28-30

February: You can give Mobility Worldwide! [5.2]

  • Many Hands for Haiti – overcoming mobility realities
  • You can provide Love & Justice through a Mobility Cart
  • (World Vision) DRIM distributes 167 Mobility Carts in Sierra Leone
  • Ali Mwinyi Mwabibo fits in at school with his Gift of Mobility

December: 101% of your Gift of Mobility through Year End 2016! [5.1]

  • 101% of your donation Gives Mobility through 12/31!
  • Check out Fitri riding her new Mobility Cart in Indonesia!
  • Gift of Mobility again provided in Botswana
  • World Vision / Mobility Worldwide Distribution Map