His PET Gives Him Independence and Mobility

IMG_9807Dumsani Dlamini came to a Luke Commission mobile hospital outreach to see the doctor and hopefully to receive some medications for his aches and pains. He came “driving” his PET cart, though the road was especially muddy that day.  “As long as the chain is greased, I move,” he laughed.

The 40-year-old Swazi has not been able to walk since birth.  Last year when TLC came to his community, he was given a PET so he could be a little more independent and move around on his own. He did not go to school.  He is not married.  Twin sisters care for him, but one is not well herself.  One has a baby.

Dumsani travels 3 kilometers a day in his PET cart. “This type is good for me,” he said.  “I have another type of wheelchair that has small wheels and is not so good on my homestead.” Dumsani also has learned to use crutches to go ever-so-short distances.  He “pedals” his PET with his hands and arms.

“Thank you for helping me,” he repeated several times, after Dr. Harry treated him and TLC team greeted him.

by Janet Tuinstra for The Luke Commission

This kind of joy comes from the heart of God

“CHaRA has the privilege of spending time with Mwanakwerekwe School Special Education Classes. The children in this school have various disabilities; deafness, blindness, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other mental and physical disabilities. We found all of these children being educated and loved by teachers who are doing an excellent job. We came to give but instead we received from these children.
“Ron helped Juma learn to ride her new P.E.T. cart. Everyone is excited when a child becomes mobile. This kind of joy comes from the heart of God.”

Well used PET cart gets replaced in Honduras

2014_0528Salmaapril0008 2014_0528Salmaapril0012Here are the pictures of the man from El Porvenir (down behind the pineapple fields). His name is Javier Fernando Miranda Duran.

His old Pet had been repaired several times. Thank you.


PET carts delivered in Quang Tri, Vietnam by The Dove Fund