February: Your Pay Day – Stories of Your Gifts of Mobility [3.12]

  • Your gifts to PET bring joyful smiles to Honduran man and boy
  • PET “gave me my life back, being mobile and being able to work”
  • PET cart adapted for street vending in El Salvador
  • PET cart on the streets of A luoi, Vietnam
  • Container shipment of PET carts arrives in Ecuador

December: Year End Giving the Gift of Mobility [3.11]

  • “PET’s changed my life completely, totally!”
  • PET cart reaches young girl in Honduras
  • PET brings mobility to 82 year man in Thailand
  • Gift of Mobility for Ghana boy
  • Mel West: needs include accessibility and acceptability

November: Thankful for Your Giving the Gift of Mobility [3.10]

  • God used Mr. Van’s disability
  • Father Felix delivers the Gift of Mobility to Noah
  • “the immobile become mobile” in Malawi
  • PET Bonanza – carts give mobility in Tanzania
  • A new life on all-terrain tires

October: Following 20 years of The Gift of Mobility [3.9]

  • Seun Oke – A Life Transformed by The PET Mobility Project
  • The Dove Fund
  • PET Zambia
  • The Luke Commission
  • “If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand.”

August 2014: Celebrate 20 years of PET; PET carts replace crawling! [3.8]

  • Celebrate 20 years of PET October 6-8 in Columbia, MO
  • Global Aid Network (GAiN) &? PET give hope
  • PET delivers mobility to former Vietnamese soldier
  • 198 PETs plus spare parts replace crawling in Sierra Leone

Mini-Newsletter 3.7 July 2014

  • You helped revive near death old PETs in Sierra Leone
  • PET replaces Quang’s Blocks
  • DOVE Fund delivers 173 PETs to Hue and Quang Tri
  • PET gives mobility to meningitis sufferer

Mini-Newsletter 3.6 June 2014

  • His PET Gives Him Independence and Mobility
  • This kind of joy comes from the heart of God
  • Well used PET cart gets replaced in Honduras
  • PET carts delivered in Quang Tri, Vietnam by The Dove Fund

Mini-Newsletter 3.5 April 2014

  • Report from Orphan Voice on PET cart delivery in Phu Ninh District, Vietnam
  • Volunteers with The World Race find PET recipients in Quiche, Guatemala
  • PET Penney Farms donation reaches Senegal via U.S. Navy’s Project Handclasp
  • Combined PET cart donation reaches the disabled in Kenya
  • The Gift of Mobility from Twin Cities PET Affiliate reaches disabled man in Peru

Mini-Newsletter 3.4 February 2014

  • PET MO-Columbia update 2/10/14 – Earl Miner
  • PET cart enables Bridget to go and tell others about her faith
  • Junior PET delivered in India through US Affiliate volunteer
  • PETs in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu
  • PET cart mobility helps bus accident victim in Zimbabwe

Mini-Newsletter 3.3 January 2014

  • Second DOVE Fund PET distribution begun in Vietnam
  • RecognizeGood.org voting for PET Austin
  • PET carts change many lives in Malawi
  • PET cart sighted in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • PET cart story & photo from Guatemala

Mini-Newsletter 3.2 December 2013

  • Foundation for Peace Dominican news report
  • PET Owners Exclaim ”What a Difference”
  • PET Cart Restores Mobility of a War Veteran in Armenia
  • “Christ Has Broken Down the Walls”

Mini-Newsletter 3.1 October 2013

  • Annual Conference Participants help load PET container for Dominican Republic
  • Nigerian Television covers Assemblies of God PET Distribution
  • PET Distribution Trip Opportunity: Guatemala April 5-12, 2014
  • Single PET cart reaches disabled man in Yambio, South Sudan
  • Baptist Mission Association of America delivers PET carts in Ghana
  • CBN segment on PET distribution in Tchad