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Two generous donors to PET International have offered us a sweet summer deal! They will match dollar for dollar those participating in the double-up campaign up to $20,000! Think of it…, if you donate $25, we will receive $50. If you donate $250, we will receive $500. Over $10,000 has been matched, but we can still receive matches up to $20,000! Please considering donating today, no matter what the donation. It’s a generous offer to help people in need by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk. Simply click on the Donate button to get started.

PI+World Vision+local NGO’s distribute Gifts of Mobility

DSCN1427I want to share with you plans and highlights of the joint PET International, World Vision, One Family People, and Enable the Children, PET cart distribution.

Attached are 2 photos of the distribution exercise conducted in the Western Area Rural District, particularly in Grafton and Waterloo. The recipients are mainly from Manahanaim Orphanage for Disabled Children in Grafton formerly known as Melrose School. Six PET carts were donated there with 4 going to the children of the orphanage and 2 from Freetown who were identified by One Family People (OFP). Four PET carts were donated to children identified by Enable the Children and I AM Christian Mission School.

DSCN1400The distribution was made possible by World Vision. The organization transported the 10 PET carts to both locations, and One Family People and Enable the Children both of which supported the cost of bringing Mobility Sierra Leone from Bo to do the assembly of the PET carts.

The other planned locations for the distribution are Moyamba, Bo and Pujehun. Pujehun has never had a PET cart distribution and so this will be their first.

World Vision is hiring 2 trucks to transport the 56 PET carts to the 3 locations this week. They are also supporting the transport of Mobility Sierra Leone to all 3 locations as well as living costs for the 3 rehab workers from MSL and Bo rehabilitation centre so that they can assemble the PET carts and help with the assessment of the recipients. I will be travelling along in the World Vision car from Freetown to all 3 distribution sites.

Ibrahim Bangura
PET International Liaison
Sierra Leone

PET cart enables child amputee in Honduras

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Pella/Spencer Team – Changing Lives With PETs

Originally posted at Pella/Spencer Team – Changing Lives With PETs

Bonjour from Haiti! Today was another great day of serving the Lord in this beautiful country!

After a good breakfast of pancakes, fresh pineapple and plantains, 6 PETs loaded on the 2 trucks along with 22 passengers, we made our way down the bumpy (bumpy really doesn’t describe it) road to Hinche. The scenery was beautiful, but it was full sun all the way.

Then one by one 6 worthy people received a PET. The President of the Association was injured in the earthquake in 2010, as was another gentleman. A 50 year old man had fallen off a roof, a 20 year old man had a back surgery go wrong, and there are many other heartbreaking stories. We prayed with them and said goodbye. As we were leaving in the trucks, we were followed by a convoy of PETs. For all the guys at the PET shop, this was pay day!

The team with-the thankful PET recipients

Bonswa (Good Night)

-Carol Verhey and Mara Juffer J

2016 Annual Conference September 22-24