November: Give Mobility Today! [4.12]

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  • Jesus Es Real Mission Center distributes Mobility Carts in Honduras
  • Partnerships deliver gift of mobility to Thyotte
  • Asaita District Hospital in Ethiopia recieves Mobility Carts through MedShare partnership

October: Give Mobility Worldwide! [4.11]

  • 13 years with Regina’s Mobility Cart: high school, magna cum laude, architect!
  • Mobility Carts delivered to Sarmada Rehabilitation Center in Syria
  • Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil ramps up Mobility Cart distribution in Ecuador
  • Before/after Mobility Cart – Côte d’Ivoire February 2016 recipients
  • Small cart recipient “floats” in Honduran Independence Parade

August: Your Donation Will Go Twice as Far! [4.10]

  • Donate Now, Doubled!
  • PI+World Vision+local NGO’s distribute Gifts of Mobility
  • PET cart enables child amputee in Honduras
  • Pella/Spencer Team – Changing Lives With PETs
  • 2016 Annual Conference September 22-24

June: Mobility Worldwide lifting people off the ground [4.9]

  • lifting Emmanuel Chilufya off the ground
  • “cerebral palsy doesn’t mean unable” in Vietnam
  • PET cart enables disabled man in La Ceiba, Honduras
  • 77 PET carts depart World Vision Pittsburgh for Haiti
  • Tobias Mogesi uses PET cart to get to school in Kenya

May: Your Gifts of Mobility Lifting Up People Worldwide [4.8]

  • They receive a blessing, but your heart is changed forever!
  • Gifts of Mobility for 100% in need in Rainbow Network communities
  • Disabled dairyman uses PET cart in daily work in Kenya
  • MH4H: PET Team – Mighty Enough to Ignite the Sun
  • 150 children in India receive Gifts of Mobility

January: Give Mobility and More Worldwide [4.7]

  • PET Will Get Him to School – Faith of a Child
  • Retired Volunteers Give Gift of Mobility Worldwide (2:57 video)
  • PET carts bring mobility to paralyzed divers in Honduras
  • Ibrahim Bangura spreads the PET story
  • 2016 PET International Annual Conference

December: Time for more Gifts of Mobility in 2015! [4.6]

  • Gifts of Mobility in time for Christmas in Thailand
  • Wheelchairs That Work Anywhere (3:26 video)
  • 4 video snippets – Your Gifts of Mobility in Mungeli India
  • “Oh, if I could have …”
  • Sarah Hill – What is a PET cart? (1:25 video)

October: “Millions more await their gift of mobility.” [4.5]

  • Scott Walters named Executive Director of the PET Mobility Project
  • 280 Gifts of Mobility in Vietnam via US Navy, D.O.V.E. Fund, Hearts for Hue & PET (3:55 video)
  • Gifts of Mobility in Iringa Tanzania (2:52 video)
  • Brother’s Brother Thanks You From Malawi

August: “Kenzy uses her PET all over” [4.4]

  • (Honduras, thanks to Alabama Honduras Medical Educational Network)
  • Orphan Voice delivers mobility with PET in Vietnam (1:05 video)
  • Intertwined lives before PET began – Mel West
  • PET Mobility Project Annual Conference, Austin, TX 9/25-6

June: Thanks for your Gifts of Mobility around the world! [4.3]

  • Kenya Relief PET Distribution April 2015 (5:44 video)
  • TLC Team cheers arrival of 82 PETs from IN-DeMotte
  • Orphan Voice delivers the Gift of Mobility to Mr. Ho in Vietnam
  • World Vision distributes 361 Gifts of Mobility
  • PETs sighted in Iringa, Tanzania
  • Jesus Es Real delivers Gifts of Mobility in Honduras (8:29 video)
  • Point Hope Ghana thanks USNS Spearhead and Project Handclasp for delivery of 24 pallets of PET carts

April: 50,000 Gifts of Mobility! [4.2]

  • 50,000 families blessed with new mobility
  • KMSP-TV recognizes PET MN-Twin Cities & PET #50,000
  • Mr. Ssentongo (Uganda) “Before, I used to crawl on my hands…”
  • Your Gifts Changed These 4 Lives in Honduras

March: Arising with Gifts of Mobility [4.1]

  • 102 Gifts of Mobility en route from Brazos Valley to Vietnam
  • PET partner “Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil” advertises mobility distribution in Ecuador
  • PET & CHaRA Give Hope & Mobility
  • PET delivers mobility in Guinea, West Africa despite Ebola crisis