If you wish to make an outright or legacy gift of investments or property, feel free to contact our Legal and Investment teams, who will assist you and coordinate with your own legal and investment advisors to accomplish this. The PET Mobility Project Foundation, Inc. was expressly created by and as an adjunct arm of Mobility Worldwide, to establish such Legal and Investment teams to assist donors, and to fundraise and underwrite the distribution efforts of Mobility Worldwide and its distribution partners around the world. You can make a lasting impact by your gift or bequest. We look forward to helping you with your hopes and dreams in this connection, as “We Provide….Mobility Worldwide!”

Contact: PET Mobility Project Foundation, Inc.
12801 W. Hwy EE, Rocheport, MO 65279
Secretary – Robert L. Fleming, c/o Email: robfleming1@juno.com