Francisco from Ciudad Sandino

Francisco Jose Guerrero Pavon, 83
Attached is a pictures of Francisco Jose Guerrero Pavon. He’s 83 years old and has been struggling with his mobility due to severe arthritis. Francisco recently came to our office in Ciudad Sandino and was supplied with a mobility cart, which he is thrilled to have. He said it was a miracle to find this new transportation and he is very happy and thankful for the support.

Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place.

– Megan Herrera, Executive Director, Rainbow Network (Email July 23, 2020)

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Here is a special adaptation of a cart for a man with an injured leg. Creativity around the world is special. “Looks like the Lions Club helped make it happen.” – Connie Cheren, Founder of Partners for Care in Kenya

Jok from South Sudan

Jok from South Sudan
Dear Gary Moreau and Connie Cheren!

Thanks again for those Mobility Carts. They are so awesome. Our place, without roads, cannot support any other type of wheelchair we’ve tried. With 18% of our TB being spinal TB and many of those becoming paralyzed, these carts are such a godsend.

I’ve a picture of Jok, he’s a 17 year old who became ill about 9 years ago, has a fractured leg and paralysis. He has been dragging himself by his hands ever since. And now! He’s driving all over our village. He was brought by his brother from several days walk away. They are enjoying our town and he is enjoying his new found mobility. It is really really life changing.


– Dr. Jill Seaman, South Sudan Medical Relief (Email Jan 23, 2020)

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