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2015 Stories

Story:  Excited Kombo Exchanges Broken Wheelchair for a PET.

“The normal wheelchair that we’re used to is quite inadequate in the rough terrain where we live.”

Dear Gift of Mobility,

I want to thank you for your ministry. This week I was able to give Kombo a PET device to help him gain some long-lost independence. Kombo, now in his late 40s, has been paralyzed most of his life. When he was a young boy he lost the use of his legs due to some kind of illness and has been highly reliant on people to push him around from place to place. The normal wheelchair that we’re used to is quite inadequate in the rough terrain where we live. Every morning someone from Kombo’s family will push him out to the village market near his house where he spends most of his day. Until now, if he desired to go any further, he would have to pay someone to push him as nothing is done for free or out of sheer compassion. The seat of his current wheel chair having worn out a long time ago has been improvised by fastening plastic stock feed type bags to the frame and replacing them as they wear out. The rubber on the wheels having been worn out for a couple of years now, have been filled with branches off coffee trees to fill in the space and then wrapped tightly with strips of rubber inner tube to secure them to the rims.

Worn and unsuitable wheelchair for rough terrain.                   Levi with Kombo in Papua New Guinea.

Kombo was very excited to receive his new PET and the community gathered to see him give it a try. Kombo’s house is located a short distance away from where we live, but some of his family members have invited us to come and teach them God’s Word. Our prayer is that this PET will be a tool that will draw Kombo, his family, and many others from the community to come and hear the teaching when we are able to do it. Thank you again for your part.

At His Service and For His Glory,

Levi Lenz, New Tribes Mission, Papua New Guinea

Story:  April 2015 You’re Helping Children in Kenya

These little boys were ones of many helped thru PET and Kenya Relief.

Kenyan boy receives a child PET.
Kenyan boy receives a child PET.

In January we loaded two overseas shipping containers with PETs from our shop and PET IA-Leighton (blue adult PETs in pictures). From our shop we loaded 199 PETs (adult, child & Pull versions) 6 mini marts, and other used devices: wheelchair, walkers & crutches. Von Driggs, Director of Operations for PET International, arranged this second shipment to a newer partner – Kenya Relief. He just got back from 2 weeks in Kenya and participated in distributions and was hoping to have time to visit PET
recipients from last year to see how the PETs were working out. These are some of the pictures he took. Thank you for making this a huge and successful distribution.

Von Driggs hooks the seatbelt for another boy.
Von Driggs hooks the seatbelt for another boy.
And he takes off on a child PET.
And he takes off on a child PET.


Missouri – Columbia

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