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2011 Stories

Ghana September 2011

We got some great pictures from Ghana today and I know you are really going to enjoy these.  They are very good pictures and very touching as well.  We are not sure what the infliction is here, but we maybe think some sort of polio.  There will be 3 emails in all¦.Blessings to you, Faythe, Executive Assistant, Orphan Grain Train, Inc. 

September 7, 2011 email

Woman receives greeting and mobility. She learns to drive her new PET.
Haiti July 2011

Hi! I am a Transportation Coordinator at Orphan Grain Train, Inc. and recently sent seven PETs and accessories to Port au Prince, Haiti.  I thought I would pass along some photos that I received showing some of our recipients using them.  Our recipients in Haiti love them and when the “mini mart” cooler or “shoe shine” kit is added, it allows the recipient to become a working, functioning person in their society.  If you need additional information, just let me know.  What wonderful work you do!  Thanks, Jan Macias.”    7/20/11 email

Mobility upgrade for rough areas.


Distribution of PETs and food in cite Soleil



India Lions Club Distribution May 2011

More PETs given to those most in need in India.




(Some of our PETs [crank and pull] were included in a shipment coordinated by PET International.  PET MO-Columbia was the first production shop.  Ours are identified by the unpainted/treated wood.)
 “Dear PET International,
…The PETs which were received in February, were distributed on 15th May 2011……
We on behalf of all the Lions and all the recipients thank PET International for the great support.  The distribution Ceremony was successful and each and every recipient had to fill out a form, which was certified by the local government authorities confirming that he/she is under below poverty line and unable to purchase wheelchair on their own.  The application form was well supported by a Disability Certificate given by a Doctor.
In this distribution Ceremony for the first time we saw that some of the recipients were crying, as they were emotionally touched by the support provided to them.  In our Lions fraternity everybody was moved and was talking about the PET carts.  The photographs of the distribution Ceremony are attached.
With Warm Regards,
Suraj Bagla”  (Mr. Bagla is a past Lions governer and part of Lions District 322 in India.)


Lions Club distributes another shipment of PETs in India.










Guatemala March 2011

Mario Rene Chen Chen is 34 years old.  He lives in a small community about an hour away from Cobán, Guatemala and does a lot of traveling on dirt roads.  He uses his PET to sell ice cream.  Mario found the PET team at the distribution in Cobán and told us he had received his PET about 8 months ago.  He added the wooden board to support his leg since it will not bend. 


Man modifies PET for his straight leg.







March 2011

PET & Hope Haven International Ministries:
Making A Difference In Guatemala

Guatemalan man becomes a snack vendor with his new PET.

Ernesto contracted polio at the age of seven. For years he had been begging for money on the streets, spending his days on the ground. Then at the age of 44, he received a PET. Using his creativity and entrepreneurial skills he made a Snack Cart to sell soda and chips from. He pedaled 7 kilometers to a PET distribution that was taking place in Cobán, Guatemala to show us what he had done. When he stopped by in the morning his cart was full, when he came back that afternoon it was empty “ he had sold out! This PET not only gave Ernesto mobility, it also gave him the opportunity to support himself.

March 2011 Moldova

PET MO-Columbia has partneredwith Orphan Grain Train in NE for the last 3 years. Here’s another report. They also said more PETs would be going to Moldova on the next shipment.

Thank you letters and impact stories

Greetings from Moldova from Bible Mission

The following thank you letters are from a few of the beneficiaries of the goods from the container you sent to Bible Mission Moldova in December 2010. We were honored and happy to distribute the goods to those in need. Thank you for trusting us and being partners with us in our work.

Beregoi Gheorghe 13 years old lives in the village of Rezeni, the boy lives with his mom and dad and 4 other brothers. Gheotghe is handicapped he cant walk he was born with his legs crippled (his heels are up) he really wants to go to school like other kids of his age but he cant walk and for his mom to carry him its too far and too hard, so the teacher comes home to do home schooling with him, but Gheorghes wish is to go to school like others, to go and watch how kids are playing soccer on the field not far from his house. In Beregoi family just the father works in construction but his salary is too small for 5 kids and 2 adults, they go through hard times they cant afford to many things. Gheorghe was so happy to receive a PET wheelchair it was like his own car this is amazing the entire family is happy for him now he doesnt need somebody to carry him he can go where he wants to, it gives him more confidence and independence, finally he can get more freedom to do the things he couldnt do before. Maybe he will go to school now that he has the wheelchair. Thank you so much for sending PET wheelchairs this is a big help especially for handicapped people that cant use their legs but they can use their hands. Even the mayor and the social assistant of the village were impressed of the PET wheelchairs how accessible they are and with big wheels exactly for the village roads of Moldova.

Titica Petru is 51 years old he is from the village of Rezenihe is handicapped. He was in the army and had a trauma there at his back and since then he cant use his legs, he cant walk. Petru lives alone he doesnt have any relatives and his parents died, he was never married sometimes his neighbors son comes and helps him, its hard for him but he tries to do his best and survive, he cant walk he get a small pension that is not enough for his life. Even if he is handicapped he raises pigs and rabbits at home and sells them to use the money for medication and food. Petru really wanted a PET wheelchair and Bible Mission came and brought him one together with the social worker from the village. Petru was so happy to receive the wheelchair he tried it and loved it, this will give him more freedom to walk to go to the store and even to take care of his animals. Thank you so much for sending the PET wheelchairs it really can make a difference in the life of a handicapped man.

Platon Anghelina is 13 yearsold that lives with her mom and dad and her 2 brothers. She is handicapped she has cephalic paralysis she cant use her legs but she can use her hands. Anghelinas mom doesnt work she stays at home and takes care of her, Angelinas dad has a small salary as a builder, but that is not enough to buy a wheelchair for his daughter .Anghelina was one of the beneficiary of a PET wheelchair. Anghelina was very happy and now that she has a wheelchair her parents will take her in the summer to a camp for handicapped kids so she can meet other kids like her and maybe make some friends and finally she will go somewhere, because she didnt have a wheelchair she had to stay in the house all the time. Thank you so much for PET wheelchairs on behalf of Anghelinas parents and brothers and on behalf of Anghelina. Also the social assistant from Anghelinas village was happy to see that handicapped children are not forgotten and there are ways to help them to move and to be part of the society.

Tirchi Dumitras 13 yearsold has cephalic paralysis and because of that he cant walk. Dumitras lives with his mom and dad and his 17 years old sister that is handicapped like him. The mother stays home with her handicapped children just the father works sometimes when he finds a job; its very hard with 2 handicapped children and with a small salary. Dumitras doesnt go to school like healthy children. When Dumitrass parents saw the PET wheelchair they couldnt believe it now that they have that their kids would be able to go outside even to go with the wheelchair in the neighborhood. Dumitrass parents have to carry him and his sister if they have to go anywhere and its too hard but now with the wheelchair they can easy go anywhere they want to in the village. For Tirchi family the PET wheelchair is a real blessing. Thank you for sending them and thinking of kids like Dumitras.

Guatemala February 2011
Community health promoter receives a new home and a PET for her husband.

We are thrilled to work with these other NGOs to help families around the world have a better life.  Here’s a recent email report.

“Sent: 2/15/2011  Subj: PET along with a Relief Home

Dear Friends,

One of the projects we did last week while I was in Guatemalawas in partnership with Faith in Practice. We built a house for one of their community health promoters that was shot by some drug cartel members. Magdalena, her baby, husband and brother walked into their home in a Kekchi Mayan village on the Caribbean coast between Livingston and the Belize border last July to find 10 armed men in the house.  Her mother, father and 2 brothers had just been tortured and killed. The men shot her in the shoulder just missing her baby, Eduardo her husband and brother Minor were shot too but survived. Magdalenas family was falsely accused of stealing some drugs that were dropped nearby. The person that accused them disappeared in his new boat bought from drug money.

They now are living near Rio Dulce in the new Relief Home we built for them http://www.gulfcoastsupply.com/international-relief-homes.html. We also gave Eduardo a PET and an ice chest so he could sell cold drinks. We also gave them a wood stove, some bedding, mattresses, bedside commode and a standard wheelchair. Minor who is still recuperating from the 6 gun shots he suffered was given a walker.

Thanks for your support, Mark Richard, Director of Operations, Hope Haven International Ministries”

PET is readied for Ti.
Ti on his new, rugged mobility device.


PET International asked us to send more PETs for Haiti.  This is our Update notice on October 18, 2010,                 *** Tomorrow we load out four pallets of PETs, a total of 28 PETs, to go to Apostolic Christian World Relief in IN, and ultimately going to The Advantage Program in Haiti. Methodists from MI have supported PET production and are going back to Haiti and want to provide a PET for Ti Pierre.  They contact PET Internationals Director of Operations to find a PET.  Dear Von, Thanks for your help in contacting organizations in Haiti regarding obtaining a PET for our friend in Mizak, Haiti.  Two years ago we rebuilt a home for a paraplegic named Ti Pierre.  In the 2 years we have known him, he has gone through at least 4 wheelchairs due to the rough rocky terrain of Mizak. Since our church, Traverse Bay UMC in Traverse City, MI, has been actively supporting PETs over the years, it seemed natural to see if we could obtain one for him.  June Hanks, Advantage Haiti Program Director of Medical Teams International, had a supply of PETs in Les Cayes, Haiti.  She made it happen!!!  Hope you enjoy our photos. Carla Windover

Missouri – Columbia

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