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2010 Stories

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Our church went to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission…  We were there for a week doing pretty much anything we could.  Some of the PETs were in need of repair, and some were not built yet, so we started in on getting them working.  It is an orphanage, and I believe there are 20-25 kids there, some totally immobile, some very mobile, but mentally disabled, most a mix of physical and mental – not sure what all the disabilities are.  Photo and report courtesy of Richard Brust of California

Haiti November 2010

Here is one of 3 stories/reports we have received this month from our distribution partner in NE.  We began working with Orphan Grain Train in 2008.  Since then, they have sent hundreds of our PETs along with their mission goods around the world.

Date 11/13/10  To Orphan Grain Train:  Over the past months OGT has sent several dozen PET wheelchairs to us in Haiti.  These are uniquely constructed and are making lives better for handicapped.  Thank you

Story:  Every day we would go to the bakery and on the way we would pass Janil.  Janil has no legs from the knees caps down and he would stand on his stump legs trying to sell whatever he had.  We asked him if he would like a PET.  His family called us and said yes he would.  You can see from the photo, this mans life has changed. He is no longer standing on his knees but can move around like a human being, sell his goods from the rear of the PET.

Haiti August 2010

Haiti Report from our friends at The Orphan Grain Train in Nebraska, This is photo of lady who was crippled and we brought her a PET. She was able to put her candy store in the rear of the PET and now could move from the stationary table she was at, to go out on the road and increase her business and income.

Haiti August 2010
PET SIGHTING: Kathleen Miner, daughter of Earl Miner who designed the PET in 1994, works in relief work in Haiti with the United Nations. This e-mail came: Here in Haiti I had very wonderful PET sightings. ..It was a terrific feeling to see a man waiting on his PET while filled water jugs were placed in the bed of the PET for him to take back to the shelter. The second PET was parked outside a store. I am very proud of all the work that has been done to bring PETs to so many.

Haiti July 2010
From Courtney Pierce, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission (NHCM received their first shipment of 30 PETs last fall. They were shipped after the January earthquake.): “I am working on stories and pictures to send you guys but I wanted you to know what a HUGE blessing these PETs are. I love to see the children have the mobility that they have never had before. I have a couple of teenage boys that live at the Miriam Home Orphanage that will never be able to regain mobility like some of their “sisters and brothers” have through braces and such due to the severity of their leg problem. The PET gives them freedom Thank you! I will fit some of my outreach children in the PULL PETs next week.”
Tajikistan July 2010
PET Sighting in Tajikistan: (An e-mail report from the daughter of a PET volunteer.) “J and I just saw a man using a PET. His name is Admir and he uses his PET to carry bags for people at a bazaar at the beginning of town. He lives in a village outside of town and takes the PET each day to work. He also put a shade on top of his PET. Amir has no legs. We met him on Saturday, and Sunday morning he called J to go fishing with him. The PET was made in Missouri. Admir received it through the Association for Disabled Persons. Laura” (We attach stickers to the PET from which she could tell the originating/build point.)
Tongwa in Zambia, Africa January 2010
(This PET was assembled at PET MO-Columbia and sent to our partner, PET Zambia, for distribution.)Hello from Africa, I have been in the Jungles of Zambia for some time but will try to catch you up on what has been happening in Africa.¦.. While moving around the city I kept seeing a man in a new PET. (Personal Energy Transport) It is a small 3 wheeled cart you peddle with your hands used by the handicap and some are made in Brigham City. I finally caught up with the man and talked to him for some time. Most of the time when you see people on the streets in Africa like this Man they just want money and that is all they do every day is just beg for money. But this man was different; he wanted to work but was unable to because of his polio. He told me he could still use his hands to make shoes for a living but did not have the money to buy a sewing machine. As we talked he told me he had a bank account and the money that he got off the street was being saved to buy the machinery. I looked at his account and could see he was a long way from having the money to buy such a thing. So as I felt the prompting that I so often have felt here. We set off to see if we could find a machine that would give this man a new outlook in life and a chance to make a living for his family. I wish you could have seen the look on that mans face as we loaded up his new machine in the back of his PET. He is making me a pair of new shoes.I don’t know why the Lord has chosen me to be part of such a marvelous work; but I feel it a blessing, and I thank so many of you for being part of this work also. ¦.. Alan Riser January 21, 2010Here are some of the pictures I was telling you about the PET project. I ran into the man the other day on the street and he gave me my order. What a great ending to a greater blessing. January 25, 2010

Missouri – Columbia

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