(Current year shipments)

Zambia, Africa

US Navy Hospital Ship Comfort

These are some of the shipments from our Affiliates that Mobility Worldwide helped coordinate in 2013:

12/1860 childMO-ColumbiaFL-Penney Farms for Vietnam
12/1810 adult
1 pull
11 total
Hope Clinic Guinea
12/1024 childMI-HollandMedWish
12/448 adultTX-Brazos ValleyMedical Bridges – Africa via Houston
11/25100 child
50 adult
25 pull
175 total
MO-ColumbiaCBN – Indonesia
11/20141 adult
40 child
181 total
FL-TampaCBN – Laos
11/1928 adultIA-LeightonHonduras
11/1230 adultAL-NorthMedShare, GA
10/2620 adultMI-SalineMedWish
10/22182 adultMO-Southwest TX-San Antonio TX-Brazos ValleyAmeriCares
10/1828 adultMN-Twin CitiesFoundation for the Development of Orthopedics in
10/16180 Adult
10 Pull
20 Child
210 total
MO-ColumbiaPhilipines via Universal Heart
10/12 adultMN-Twin CitiesChanhassen MN Rotary Club for Peru
9/2693 adult
77 pull
5 child
175 total
FL-Penney FarmsThe Dove Fund – Vietnam
9/19100 adultIA-HawardenHope Haven International
9/18164 adultTX-Brazos ValleyLions District 324 B4, India
9/112 adultMN-Twin CitiesCambodia Village Fund
9/929 adultFL-TampaPET TN-Memphis container for Dominican Republic
9/352TX-Brazos ValleyMedical Bridges, Houston TX
8/18127 adult
40 child
34 pull
201 total
MO-ColumbiaGleaning for the World
8/720UTMedShare CA
7/3170 childFL-Penney Farms
MedShare GA
7/1788MO-ColumbiaACTS on their way to The Republic of Georgia
7/106 child
4 adult
10 total
FL-Penney FarmsFriends of the Disabled Latin America
7/218MO-ColumbiaThe Apostolic Christian Church World Mission for the
Advantage Program in Haiti
6/2628MO-ColumbiaGlobal Aid Network
6/2614MI-SalineGlobal Aid Network
6/267 pullMI-East MIGlobal Aid Network
6/2684MO-SouthwestMedical Bridges, Houston
6/2684FL-Penney FarmsProject Hope, Virginia
6/2684FL-Penney FarmsMedShare, Georgia
6/14182IA-LeightonWorld Vision (Denver)
6/14128IN-DemotteWorld Vision (Pittsburgh)
6/1120MN-Twin CitiesGlobal Health Ministries – Iringa, Tanzania
6/620MO-SouthwestBuckner International
6/481 adult
20 child
14 pull
115 total
MO-ColumbiaACTS – Republic of Georgia
6/4 202MO-ColumbiaADHU – El Salvador
5/1430 childMO-ColumbiaMedWish
5/141 pullMO-ColumbiaHope Clinic, Guinea
5/145IA-LeightonKenya Relief
5/145NY-East JewettKenya Relief
5/15 childMI-HollandKenya Relief
4/2950 childMI-HollandMedShare in Georgia
4/25150 adultTX-Brazos ValleyUS Navy Project Handclasp warehouse in San Diego, CA bound for the Sanma Frangipani Disability Association Luganville, Santo, Vanuatu
4/2450 child
150 adult
200 total
FL-Penney FarmsCBN Afrique for Chad
4/2471 Adult
10 Child
7 Pull
88 Total
MO-ColumbiaHope Haven in Sioux Falls, SD

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