MH4H: People are being helped into a new life of independence and dignity

From PET – Giving Mobility and Receiving Salvation:

by MH4H | Jan 30, 2018 | Team Blog |

After enjoying a beautiful Sunday service, the PET team with Mobility Worldwide make their way through Pignon. As they show Christ’s love by meeting immediate needs, the opportunities arise for them to share about eternal life. Read as Carol Verhey shares…

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MH4H distributing Mobility Carts in Haiti

From PET – The Long Road:

by MH4H | Jan 29, 2018 | Team Blog |

To start the weekend, the PET (Personal Energy Transportation) team headed north to begin distributing twenty-one PET carts to those in need across the Central Plateau of Haiti. Despite, or perhaps through, the elements and cultural differences, the team saw the evidence of…

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Rotary delivers Gift of Mobility Cart to Abu in Sierra Leone

“My name is Abu Kamara and I stay at the Polio organization in Grafton in Freetown”.

“I am one of the recipients of the Rotary Mobility Carts. It is very useful to me and I am happy to be given this opportunity to receive one. It aids my movement to very long distance places, especially during the rainy season when the…

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Skateboard Upgraded to Mobility Cart in Guatemala

From Cambiando Vidas Sosa:

Lo encontramos en San Pedro San Marcos. Pidiendo ayuda en su patineta y se sorprendió cuando vio el Pet que se le donó.
Facebook Translation: We found him in San Pedro San Marcos. Asking for help on his skateboard and he was surprised when he saw the pet that was donated.

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Christopher starts anew with Gift of Mobility Cart

From Partners for Care:

Christopher Mwaura visited PFC office at time when his life was at a stand still. His wheelchair had been stolen. He is a father of 3, a businessman selling candies. He was struggling to feed his family. Christopher was gifted with a mobility cart to continue with his business and support his family. Thanks to Mobility Worldwide!

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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia teams with other NGOs to make a difference

Maker of the Mobility Cart since 1994.
Help us build and ship another cart.
Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!
Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update 1/27/18: 78 built in 2018

John Wesley, founder of Methodist Church in England, said, “If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand.” I like to think of Mobility Worldwide as having joined hands with other NGOs to solve some of the health problems of…

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Angel & Efrain receive Gifts of Mobility in Ecuadorian Amazon Rain Forest (0:57 video)

Attached is a video on the distribution made in Macas on Jan 18, 2018. Macas is located in Ecuadorian Amazon Rain Forest Region. We were much happy to help there. It took 7 hours drive through the High Lands – the Andes.
God bless you!
Isabel Valdez de Escala
Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Acuña, Mexico gratefully receives 50 Mobility Carts from MW-San Antonio

From Ninfa Garcia Copado:

El fin de semana viaje a la ciudad de San Antonio , Texas para recibir el donativo de 50 carritos PET por parte de Mobility Worldwide TEXAS.

En representación de nuestro alcalde el Ing. Roberto De Los Santos Vazquez y la presidenta del Dif Acuña Sra. Martha Cisneros Rodríguez les entregamos un reconocimiento por la gran labor y su enorme corazón para apoyar en…

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New Life Center Gives Mobility Cart in Kapiri

From Emily Padilla: “A man from Kapiri received a PET today. It took him and his helper two days to get here. They were very happy to receive this gift as it will change both their lives. The friend has been carrying him on his back for a long time. They are both now free to move where they need….

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Gift of Mobility for Togo accident victim

From 4-H.I.M.:

Here is a video of Dolla Kodjo. Pastor Mondji has been ministering to him and was recently able to give him a PET cart. Below is Pastor Mondji’s explaination of Dolla’s situation. (more…)

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