These are faces of those you helped get PET mobility to.

Zambia boy

“Ajabu: 8 years, Congolese refugee, Catholic” “…His legs are permanently bent underneath him. It hurts when he crawls.”

These are pictures we have received over 21 years of those in need of rugged mobility. Our PET Family, 24 US production shops and one in Zambia, have been able to build and ship PETs to these wonderful persons. These stories are just a few examples of where persons are and how they are being helped. Our distribution partners have a big task of getting shipments thru customs duty free, ship in country and coordinating through many other organizations & governmental offices.

2007 This boy was one of 33 persons that FORGE asked PETs for in Zambia. FORGE is an organization established in 2003 that sends US college students to help those in refugee camps. They connected with PET Zambia and got the PETs to distribute.

Mrs. Daslin Small requests another load of PETs for Benin.

Benin woman

She patiently waits on the ground to receive
mobility in Benin, Africa 2015.

“These pictures are from our distribution in Bohicon in April. I am currently working with Social Services and the Mayor in Kandi to have another distribution as soon as possible. I was away from Benin for the month of July so I am trying to get the PETs to those who need them most. Thanks again for all your efforts. Mrs. Daslin Small of Mission Internationale D’Evangelisation Et De Reveil Spirituel”

More persons are helped thru Brother’s Brother Foundation.

Abiti is unable to walk upright.

Abiti is unable to walk upright.

Abiti smiling

Abiti smiling

2015 “The PET Carts have been very well received in many of the countries where we ship. I am including photos from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Malawi.
Here is information that we included in a post on Facebook about the gift:
Meet Abiti. Due to a condition she has endured her entire life, Abiti is unable to walk upright. Thanks to generous donors, BBF was able to send a PET International: Gift of Mobility hand-pedal-powered cart along with a shipment to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Malawi that has given Abiti a new independence. We’re honored to be part of bringing that smile to her face….
Thank you for partnering with BBF to provide PET Carts that BBF is able to ship throughout the world. We hope that this relationship continues as the PET Carts are welcome with many of our recipients.

Best, Liam Carstens, Vice President
Medical Programs and Strategic Initiatives in PA”

New Partnership with Christian Men’s Group

PET is now an official affiliate of the General Commission on United Methodist Men.
L to R: Von Driggs, Director of Operations; Scott Walters, new Executive Director; Jim Conn, Board Chairman; and Dave Ramsey seated on PET #50,000

L to R: Von Driggs, Director of Operations; Scott Walters,
new Executive Director; Jim Conn, Board Chairman; and
Dave Ramsey seated on PET #50,000

PET International has been accepted as one of six organizations approved for affiliate relationships with the General Commission on United Methodist Men. Affiliation with the commission is the result of a long history of cooperation with the Nashville-based agency. Dave Ramsey, National UMM’s President, came to our annual conference to help introduce our new partnership.
United Methodist Men is the largest organized men’s ministry in the United States. This is a new relationship with United Methodist Men, but it is appropriate as PET’s co-founders are a Methodist pastor and missionary. The commission frequently supports PET International projects, including a building project during its national gatherings every four years.

This New Years, Resolve to Make an Even Greater Impact!

People often think of updating their estate plans this time of year. With the new year coming, we want to start fresh and make sure everything is up to date. How about you? Any of those big life events come into the picture which may encourage you to revisit your estate plans and/or update your will? A short list of these events include:
· New grandchildren or children growing up and becoming self-sufficient.
· New marriage or perhaps a divorce.
· A desire to balance charitable gifts between family and the charities you love and respect.
· The sale of your primary home (or vacation home) to downsize.
· You start a second career.
· Retirement arrived much earlier than you originally planned.
These are just a few reasons why you may want to update your will. And don’t fret about having to go through a long, tedious process. Your lawyer can prepare a “codicil” which is similar to an amendment to your existing will.
And if you care to include PET International in your will, here’s some suggested words to use in your charitable bequest:
“I give (a specific amount, residue, or percentage) to PET International, having its principal office
at 503 E. Nifong Blvd. #186, Columbia, MO 65201-3717 for its mission to bring mobility to those
unable to walk.”

PET’s tax ID number is 86-1128278

New Director at the Helm

With your support, we were able to hire our first full time professional Executive Director.

L to R: Ibrahim Bangura, Sierra Leone Distribution Partner; Von Driggs, Director of Operations; Jim Conn,
Board Chairman; Scott Walters, new Executive Director seated on PET #50,000

Our board is on the path to continue the growth and success of the PET mission to help more leg handicapped persons. One way was to go thru a formal process of searching out, interviewing and hiring our new leader. Scott Walters, of Alpharetta, GA, has served as a senior executive for several national and international organizations including the National Arthritis Foundation and the Medical Assistance Program. During his tenure he dramatically increased the scope and magnitude of their programs by substantially increasing revenues and program efficiencies. The personnel committee that unanimously recommended Scott remarked that he was “head and shoulders more experienced and qualified than any of the applicants for the position.” Please join us in welcoming Scott to the PET Family.

More Sites Become Affiliates

We also welcome PET Northern Alabama and PET Carlisle in PA to the PET Family. Good luck to their teams!