Many Hands for Haiti – overcoming mobility realities

From PET Team: Confronting Realities:

The PET team learned of many harsh realities, faced every day in Haiti, during the week. On their last day, they witnessed God’s blessing amidst all the trials.

Today was our last full day in Haiti. While it is sad to leave, it has been a week full of hearing life changing stories, walking in the shoes of the Haitian people, learning about their culture, and seeing hope for the future of this beautiful country.

In Hinche, a town 15 miles away (about an hour and a half from the MH4H campus), 35 PET carts were given, from two distribution sites, to those who desperately needed them. One of the sites has now become an official association, formed in the last year (since the first PETs were distributed in 2016), to help the causes and concerns of the disabled. A full third of the group were unable to sign their name since they have never learned to write.

Ready for PET Carts

Ready for PET Carts

Throughout the day, glory was given to God from both the people receiving PET carts and our team who was “Jesus in the flesh”. We cannot begin to describe the smiles on their faces and the faces of their loved ones. These lives are now changed because of the Mobility Worldwide chapters in Leighton, Iowa and Columbia, Missouri (child carts).

Everybody is ready to roll

Everybody is ready to roll

Bondye Bon! God is good!
Marianne Vranek and Don Ridder

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You can provide Love & Justice through a Mobility Cart

Would you like to spread Shalom around the world?

What does God want for His/Her people on this Earth? What are we thinking about when we pray that “the Kingdom of God may come on this Earth..”? What would that look like?


I like to consider what Tony Campolo wrote in the foreword to Millard Fuller’s book, “No More Shacks,” Word Books, 1986.”

“Shalom is a word that the ancient Jews used in their greetings and in their farewells. To the Hebrew people of Biblical times it meant much more than our interpretation of ‘peace’. Shalom meant total spiritual and physical well-being. It called up visions of a society perfectly ordered by Yahweh, marked by love and justice. Shalom was life as God meant for it to be. It was a world in which the needs of every person were met and where each one had enough of whatever was required to live a joyful life before the Lord.

Jesus initiated His ministry by declaring that the Kingdom of God was at hand (Matt. 4-17). By the Kingdom of God, He meant a world in which all that was suggested by shalom would be realized. … It was to be a society that had its social institutions reshaped according to the will of the heavenly Father/Mother and would be marked by love and justice, offering to all peoples everywhere the opportunity live with dignity.”

That is why we build Mobility Carts. On Sunday we pray for the Kingdom of God to come upon this Earth. On Monday we go out to help make it so. We cannot imagine that a world where “love and justice” rule would have some of its people crawling upon the Earth. We think that personal mobility is “required to live a joyful life before God.”
“Those who are most ready to provide justice for others are those who most feel the world has provided justice for them.” – William Haslitt – 1883

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

(World Vision) DRIM distributes 167 Mobility Carts in Sierra Leone

Last July, the Mobility Worldwide Austin, Brazos Valley, Leighton and San Antonio Affiliates joined together to send 167 Mobility Carts to World Vision in Sierra Leone. The attached report details the assembly and distribution of these Carts in December.


Sister Bernadette makes a presentation of a PET cart to a young man during the Launching of the distribution in Bo

Ali Mwinyi Mwabibo fits in at school with his Gift of Mobility

img_20170118_151901_1csimg_4533From American Friends of Kenya:

“Ali Mwinyi Mwabibo is a primary school pupil in Shikaadabu. He is a beneficiary of the chid PET cart (serial number 2705). He has been suffering from cerebral palsy and the PET cart has really helped him for mobility purposes and also as a therapy tool. Ever since he was given the PET cart her mother testifies, he has been more active and both hands are becoming stronger by the day. The PET cart has enabled him move around and play with other children apart from going to school, something that has enabled him socialize with his peers well. The parents also have more free time for themselves rather than keeping an eye on him all the time.The kid was very jovial playing with his peers and the mother says she is very grateful and implores upon the AFK and the PET cart manufacturers to continue helping more people in Kenya with the PET carts.”