PET International Annual Meeting 9/14-15 in Bryan, Texas

PET TX-Brazos Valley will be hosting the 2012 PET International Annual Meeting and Workshops, September 14th & 15th, in Bryan, Texas. More information will be posted in the coming months, but for now, mark your calendars!

Medical Ministry International continues Peru PET distribution

Greetings, I wanted to send you the pictures of a woman in Ayaviri Peru who received a Pet cart. She had an ankle fracture and surgery that makes it difficult for her to walk. She is also an active member of the local organization that helps people with disabilities, so I’m hoping she will send me names of other folks who might need a Pet cart. Yodee Fortner, MSPT, C/NDT, Medical Ministry International

Disabled mother in Malawi receives PET cart with the help of friends and her son

Some time ago a PET supporter from Spokane, WA knew about a disabled woman in Malawi who needed mobility. The disabled woman’s son Simon played an important communication role in helping the PET cart finally reach his mother in the village. We are grateful for all of our partners who help make the delivery of individual PET carts to those who desperately need them. Pictured here is Simon’s mother with her new PET cart surrounded by family and friends.

PET Panama Recipient Photos

Today was a great day. We flew to one of the San Blas islands on the Atlantic coast of Panama, about 50 minutes by twin-prop plane. We brought with us one of the PET carts. Our first PET beneficiary was named Demetio, he is 63 and had suffered Polio as a young man. He makes his living making straw hats and bowls. His mobility was restricted by an old wheelchair and the pebble/sand street of his home island narrow streets. Words are not enough to describe the joy and happiness of this man (therefore I’m attaching some photos) as he transit the streets of Playon Chico island. Dozens of children, women and men came out of their houses to find out what was all the commotion on the street, only to find Demetio going back and forward with his new mobility and freedom. This was simple wonderful.


PET story from Hope Clinic Guinea Prayer Letter

Life for most of Africa’s people is a day to day challenge. For her handicapped, getting food, clothing and remaining healthy is a Trial with a capital T. Seni
Gbilimou is 38 years old and came to Hope Clinic for a medical problem. She probably had polio as a child and cannot walk. One of our staff saw her crawling
around the consultation area and told me. One of our requirements to receive a cart is to have the strength to pedal it. This is not a problem for Seni. She is very strong. The staff told me later that she was very pleased with her new wheels. P.E.T. International gives these P.E.T.s to us for free to help our needy become mobile.