A Brief Report from Orphan Grain Train

Orphan Grain Train recently wrote on their home page: “Another Haiti shipment has finally cleared the port. This morning 31 boxes of school kits, 16 boxes clothing, 5 boxes of shoes, 19 PETs, and 217,728 meals will be unloaded by out distribution partners. Hungry children will soon be fed.”

That again illustrates how we work, and how we are a part of a caring inistry that is far bigger than PET. PETs so often go out as a part of a “package of love” for those with so many needs.

Mel West

Photos from MIS in Senegal

This past September the US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivered a consignment of PET carts to one of our partners in West Africa, Mission Inter-Senegal. MIS has forwarded the following photos. A full report of the entire project will be sent soon.

We want to thank MIS for their partnership in helping provide mobility for some of the disabled in Senegal.

Von Driggs
Director of Operations

PET Distribution at the Salesian School in Haiti

Hi All! I deliverred a PET cart to the Salesian sisters recently. You should have seen the joy on those kids face when they saw their teacher go inside the classroom on her PET. Wow! It was amazing maybe I should look for more teachers, and students who need these things, because the happiness that they showed is real tempting to do more.


Patrick Alziphat
Salesian Missions