PET MO-Columbia update 2/10/14 – Earl Miner

I ask a special favor of all who read this. Earl Miner, who designed the PET, has now moved to a nearby nursing home because he has Alzheimer’s. PET would not exist had Earl not designed it. Earl is a product designer with a huge heart and a stress on simplicity. He and I have worked together for the last 40 years building and shipping machines useful in the mission field. PET will soon celebrate building and shipping 50,000 of the PETs Earl designed. Few people in this world have had the impact upon the lives of the “least of these” that Earl has had. He and his wife, Leona, raised a wonderful family of their own, and also took in a number of foster children. He has done all of that receiving no pay except for some expenses. The Miners are big hearted people.

Let’s send a huge shower of cards, letters and note to Earl, NOW! Thank him. Tell about your relationship to PET. Tell a story about a PET. The Apostle Paul says we should “give due honor to those who should be honored.” Here is your chance. Send to Earl Miner, c/o Christian Health & Rehabilitation of Lebanon North, 596 Morton Road, Lebanon MO 65536. Don’t put it off.

“Generosity gives assistance rather than advice.” – Vauvenargues

Mel West

PET cart enables Bridget to go and tell others about her faith

photo“I received this story and picture from Chris, our partner in Zambia on February 5th. Thank you!

“The young lady in the PET cart was sick for a long time and later was paralyzed from the waist down. When we went to visit the home where she lives with her mum and dad, we were very encouraged to hear Bridget say, “I am so glad I got the PET cart because now I can evangelize without waiting for anyone to help me move.” What was most exciting for Bridget PET Zambiame was that she was happy to evangelize. Many people would be happy to be mobile so that they can do their own things and meet their own needs but not this young lady who loves The Lord and wants to make Him known. We were also able to donate some dried fruits and some rice for her .”

Tina Waldrum
Donor Liaison
GLOBAL AID NETWORK® Giving For Their Gain

Junior PET delivered in India through US Affiliate volunteer

Mr. Ishwar Naik a volunteer from the PET Affiliate in Saline MI. is in India and has delivered a junior PET cart to a young boy that was in need.

Mr. Naik is also involved with a plan to partner with a local disability organization in Mumbai, India to provide a container shipment of PET carts in 2014.

PETs in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu

The Sanma Frangipani Disability Association (Bethesda Disability Center) on Vanuatu has been distributing PET carts to individuals on the island who cannot walk.  Here is one of the recipients.


PET cart mobility helps bus accident victim in Zimbabwe

IMG_3850My coworker Andrew was part of the team who presented a PET cart to Marian in August 2013. She is 21, living in Zimbabwe. Marian was in a bus accident about 3 years ago and lost both of her legs. She has wooden prosthetics. When Marian received her PET cart she was elated! She can get around with ease and comfort and her daily life has been completely changed. Thank you!

Tina Waldrum
Donor Liaison
GLOBAL AID NETWORK(R) Giving For Their Gain