Celebrate 20 years of PET October 6-8 in Columbia, MO

To celebrate 20 years of PET, we are hosting Seun Oke, a PET user for 10 years from Nigeria, multiple Distribution Partner presentations, workshops, and PET co-founders Larry Hills and Mel West. Details at https://mobilityworldwide.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/AnnualConferenceInvitation2014.pdf.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) &‎ PET give hope

“While visiting our ministry partner in Uganda last month, we were privileged to meet Ssentongo, a man disabled by cerebral malaria and no longer able to walk or stand. For the past several years, he got around by crawling, using discarded shoes to protect his hands.

“Thankfully, our Global Aid Network (GAiN) shipment contained several PET Carts. After a few minutes of instruction, Ssentongo was pedaling around and smiling. “Before, I used to crawl on my hands and when it rained, I would be stained with mud. Sometimes, I would be injured but now, I will be able to work more vigorously!”

“The local paper heard about Ssentongo and published this story.”

PET delivers mobility to former Vietnamese soldier


198 PETs plus spare parts replace crawling in Sierra Leone

The PET Mobility Project, Ibrahim Richard Bangura of the Lunsar Association of Polio Persons and Amputees, and a dozen other individuals and organizations completed a major PET distribution in June.

Ibrahim Taqi is a blacksmith from Mamboi village. He was affected by polio since he was a child. He had crawled all his life. That restricted him to only his village. He is a happy man now. He says now he can bring his cutlasses that he makes to Lunsar town to sell them.


These two brave ladies are from a village called Royanka which is about 7 miles from Lunsar. They heard about the PET cart distribution from their local councilor. They crawled from their village to the main road between Makeni and Lunsar. This was about three miles from their home village before they got on a poda poda van which brought them to Lunsar. Notice the change when they got their PET carts!

More photos at http://giftofmobility.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/pet-cart-distribution-and-parade-in-lunsar-sierra-leone/ and http://giftofmobility.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/photos-of-pet-cart-recipients-at-lunsar-sierra-leone-mobility-distribution-in-june-2014/.