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PET International (PI) has been accepted as an authorized charity for the upcoming 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is similar to the United Way in that all US Governmental employees (civilian and military, current or retired) can easily make contributions designated to specific charities or shared across all charities listed in the CFC. Please forward this news to your Federal Governmental friends and ask they consider designating PI (CFC #38749) as one of their charities of choice. Go ahead and ask them to signup for our newsletters to follow the PET Mobility Project. See www.opm.gov/cfc.

Two Weeks Until Annual Conference!

Friday, September 27, 2013
8:30 Welcome & Orientation
9:00 Models, Designs, Materials, Modifications — Open Forum
11:00 Committees — Finance, Standardization, Nominations, Long Range Planning
1:00 Container Shipping — Jack Fong & Tom Behrens
2:15 Positioning for Function & Pressure Relief — Mary Frantz & Matt Chegwidden
3:30 Shop Safety Training for Volunteers — Freddie Brown & Ray Truhn
3:30 Accounting Q&A Session — Kathy Maynard
4:15 PET Affiliate Newsletter Productions — Judy Laidler
6:45 Strategic Planning Update
Saturday, September 28, 2013
8:00 Accounting practices for the PET Affiliate — Kathy Maynard
9:00 Proposed Seating Change
10:15 Internet / PET Intl & Affiliate website presence — Ed McDonald
11:15 Open Forum — Ed McDonald
1:00 Distribution partner highlights
3:00 Visit PET Memphis shop
5:30 Celebration Dinner and Program at Ellendale Methodist Church.
7:00 PET International Annual Board Meeting — Open To All

Many helpers involved in getting PET cart to Paul in Zambia

IMG_2353I just wanted to send a warm thank you to the connection and service that each of you provided in order for Paul, the man in the picture to receive this PET. It is always humbling to see the work of God, especially in the avenues of pursued conversation. I was pursued in conversation in Zambia about a wheelchair, then I came home to Memphis, TN and pursued a conversation Mark, who led me to Von, who led me to Charles, who connected with Angela to get a PET for Paul.

Angela said this about the gift: “I managed to deliver the wheelchair to Paul and he was the happiest person on this planet, he could not believe it that it was his.”

Thank you for your obedient hearts that follow the will and call of the kingdom of God. May the Lord continue to bless all that you do and establish the work of your hands for the God’s kingdom on Earth and in heaven.

Grace and Peace

Laura Kigweba

Now Ilyas can ride by PET!

Ilyas walked only on crutches and with great difficulty

Ilyas walked only on crutches and with great difficulty

“Ilyas Mukharov lives with his big family, which consists of 10 members: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, three brothers and his sister in law. They live in the village Birdik of Chui region. Ilyas is 18 years old, he is a member of the first group of disability since childhood. Ilyas was born with the spinal marrow hernia and inborn double-sides hip displacement. In spite of the many operations, he can’t walk by himself. Ilyas walks only on crutches and with great difficulty. He went to school on a wheelchair together with his brothers. He learned a little to read, write and count. He grew out of the child’s wheelchair. He spent most of his time at home.

ProjectHOPEKyrgyzstan“On June 2012 the Ministry of Social Development provided Ilyas with a PET free of charge. His family has a big yard and garden where he can ride the PET He even goes on the street. According to Panshar Mukharov’s (Ilyas’s father) words, the PET is very easy and comfortable for him to use.”

CBN Afrique reports on PET cart distribution in Tchad

Look at this young man whose legs are withered – getting around on a homemade ‘skateboard’ with a platform and using sandals on his hands to propel himself through the dust and mud of N’djamena. What joy when he received his chair during our ceremony! He received a standing, cheering ovation from the maybe 60-70 invitees present! Imagine getting around town like this! It is beyond my comprehension! My Joe interviewed him on camera. I would be sure that CBN will develop a story on him, and I’ll share the link with you when it comes out. We were on the national television news that night! _Thank you_ for the role you play in reaching these poorest of the poor with humanitarian help and the gospel of Jesus Christ!Blessings!Jon