2.12 September 2013

  • We need YOUR help!
  • Two Weeks Until Annual Conference!
  • Many helpers involved in getting PET cart to Paul in Zambia
  • Now Ilyas can ride by PET!
  • CBN Afrique reports on PET cart distribution in Tchad

2.11 August 2013

  • Eight Guest Speakers Announced for Annual Conference
  • Daystar Adopt A Village distributes PET carts from Brazos Valley PET Affiliate in Sierra Leone
  • PET cart assists young man at the Yardfon Vocational Training Center at Mae Taeng, Thailand
  • PET carts arrive on the island of Vanuatu
  • PET Build at UMM National Conference July 2013

2.10 July 2013

  • Annual Conference in Tennessee on September 27 and 28
  • New Executive Director
  • PET Present at Lions International Convention in Germany
  • Raphael Richards PET photos
  • Two PETs given to disabled in Thailand on July 4th
  • PET brings mobility to clock repairman in Vietnam

2.9 May 2013

  • PET Affiliate in Zambia expands production site at New Life Center
  • PET MO-Columbia State of PET Address 5/13/13
  • Photos from PET cart distribution in Guinea Bissau
  • PET cart provides mobility for land mine survivor in Thailand

2.8 April 2013

  • 2013 Annual Meeting and Conference September 27 & 28
  • PET helps disabled child in Guatemala
  • PET reaches disabled soldier in Thailand
  • Container ship arrives in South Africa
  • Vietnam Vet Returns to Help Disabled

2.7 March 2013

  • Container of PET carts arrives in Guinea Bissau
  • Hearts For Hue, DOVE Fund and PET International collaborate to distribute 140 PET carts
  • New and Very Old PETs in Thailand
  • Report & photo from Nairobi, Kenya
  • Girl in Amalsad, India gains mobility with child size PET

2.6 February 2013

  • CHaRA container on the way to Zanzibar
  • PET carts delivered in Bangladesh
  • Child push-pull PET assembly: Advantage Program in Haiti
  • 3 year old Thai boy with muscular dystrophy gets PET cart

2.5 January 2013

  • 27 PET recipient photos from ADHU in El Salvador
  • CBS Kalamazoo reports on PET MI-Holland
  • PET MO-Columbia update 1/7/13
  • Video from Vietnam shows delivery and assembly of PETs

2.4 December 2012

  • CBS News reports on PET IA-Leighton 12/27/12
  • PET MO-Columbia 2012 goal exceeded!
  • World Vision joins PET International as new distribution partner
  • Point Hope Ghana donates 105 PET Carts to the Physically Challenged Action Foundation
  • Madelene’s PET

2.3 November 2012

  • PET carts arrive and are assembled for distribution in Nioro, Senegal
  • Great demand for the PET cart in Malawi
  • Thailand PET cart as mobile shop for snacks
  • Hundreds of disabled Nigerians benefit from PET cart donation through the Assemblies of God Church

2.2 October 2012

  • Liberian war amputee and polio victim receive PET carts through partnership with Global Aid Network
  • Thailand diabetic amputee receives PET cart
  • God loves persons with disabilities!!!
  • PET photo from Advantage Program in Les Cayes, Haiti

2.1 September 2012

  • US Navy’s Project Handclasp delivers 280 PET carts to Cotonou, Benin
  • PET carts distributed at Baptist Medical Centre in Nalerigu, Ghana
  • Rotary Clubs in Panama continue to distribute PET carts to the disabled
  • PET photos and excerpt from Zambia newsletter