PET Will Get Him to School – Faith of a Child

Mncedisi tries out his new PET cart which will take him to school.

Mncedisi tries out his new PET cart which will take him to school.

“Maybe now Mncedisi can go to school,” said his grandmother Grace.

Now that he has a PET – a way to get to school, a way to be mobile – maybe the 8-year-old boy can be educated.

It was all Mncedisi Magagula’s idea to attend a TLC (The Luke Commission) outreach. He heard about the mobile medical hospital coming to his area on the radio.

“I wonder if they have wheelchairs for me? Please may we go,” asked the boy his grandmother.

Grace Maseko had not intended to leave their homestead that day. She lives 12 km away and did not have money to board a kombi [Microbus]. But when she heard the hope in her grandson’s voice and knew he had always wanted to go to school, she borrowed the emalangeni [money]. Continue reading

Retired Volunteers Give Gift of Mobility Worldwide (2:57 video)



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LEIGHTON, Iowa –Millions of people live with disabilities around the world. Many are in low-income countries and can’t  afford the devices needed to get around. But one group in a small Iowa town is working to give the gift of mobility. Continue reading

PET carts bring mobility to paralyzed divers in Honduras

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Mosquitia paralyzed lobster divers on their PETs

I would like to share this PET distribution report and photos from my co-laborer Missionary Bill Ryan in La Mosquitia North Coast Honduras. What he said is powerful. What a Blessing! I miss not being there for this event. I have shared tears of joy with many of these men in the past. Life is so different and difficult in this remote region. The salt in the air and ground and all the sand rust and rot and wear down these pets in three or four years time. Continue reading

March 2011: PET partner Arms of Mercy goes the extra mile to deliver mobility to Mosquitia paralyzed lobster divers

Ibrahim Bangura spreads the PET story

Bangura Ibrahim presents on Leone at conf Sept2015

Ibrahim Richard Bangura, PET Liason Person in Sierra Leone

Ibrahim Richard Bangura is our PET Liason Person in Sierra Leone, West Africa. He recently attended the International Day for Persons with Disabilities held in Makeni, Sierra Leone. Here is a report of the persons with whom he met on that special day:

  1. Abdulai Sherif, Disability Rights Movement
  2. Joseph Alieu, Chairman, Welfare Society for The Disabled-Polio, Kambia.
  3. Abu White Koroma, Chairman, Handicap Action Movement.
  4. Saa Kortequee, Executive Secretary, National Commission for Persons With Disabilities.
  5. Mr. Davowa, Project Coordinator, NCPO
  6. Cyprian Kabba, Polio Challenge Association.
  7. Sylvanus Bundu Bangura, Coordinator, Sierra Leone Union of Disabilities Issues.
  8. Diana Szanto, Interested researcher from Hungary.
  9. Arthur Saidu, Inclusive Education Technology Unit Manager, Handicap International.
  10. Sophie Dechaux, County Director, Handicap International.
  11. David Kpevai, National Disability and Health Coordinator for World Vision in Sierra Leone.

John Wesley (Methodist founder) once said, “If your heart is as my heart, give me your hand.” That is what we do at PET. We locate others who want to help the leg handicapped; and with them we coordinate, cooperate, communicate and consult.

“The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.” – Mike Stachura

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

2016 PET International Annual Conference