March 2006 – Volume 1, Issue 1 (Open PDF Version)

Why PET International, Inc. vs PET Mobility Project USA?

The PET Mobility Project, under the visionary leadership of co-founders Mel
West and Larry Hills, is experiencing extraordinary growth. New PET assembly sites, now referred to as PET Affiliates, are being established throughout the USA and beyond. Missionaries Delbert and Sandy Groves are directing the New Life PET Shop near Kitwe, Zambia, and some folks in the United Kingdom are working at establishing a PET Affiliate there. PETs are also being made in Cape Town, South Africa and in Mexico. Just days ago a serious inquiry came from India.

It was apparent PET needed an umbrella organization to coordinate its
growth, maintain quality control over PETs being built throughout the world,
and a host of other issues common to a growing ministry/business. The
name of the organization was never an issue—it had to be PET International, Inc. Now with a committed team of several hundred volunteers scattered around the world, a formal organization governed by a Board of Trustees and staff, PET is about its main thing—giving dignity, hope and mobility to the millions in need.

The following excerpt from a letter from missionaries Delbert and Sandy
Groves is but one of many received each week:

February 23, 2006
Dear Friends:

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) group in Lubumbashi,
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been helping us locate and distribute PETs in that country. This last truck load ( pictured……)
arrived in war zone areas in the DRC called Pweto and Moba thanks to their help.

…To find ways to locate these special people and identify that they can be helped by a PET bike is one of our hardest jobs. We are so thankful for the individuals, churches, and groups like UMCOR, that help locate and distribute the PETs. We have estimated that within the Copper Belt area alone there are over one hundred thousand people that can be helped with a PET bike.

We want to say thank you to all of our partners that prayerfully and financially support the PET ministry. You are really changing lives in the most remote areas of the world. Nothing says “God loves you and so do I” like a PET does. It’s possible the only Jesus they will ever see may have three wheels…

Thank you!! Building His kingdom, Delbert and Sandy Groves


The Evolution of the P.E.T. is a newly released 27 page, photo illustrated,
booklet/report authored by Larry Hills that chronicles the history of PET.
This historical account clearly illustrates the sincerity of the PET ministry from its inception over 10 years ago. Mel West and Larry Hills have and continue to strive to make the PET the very best and appropriate means of mechanical mobility for the recipients and their environment. All who support PET will find the report interesting and confirming. It is a must read for any individual or group thinking about becoming a volunteer parts maker, starting a new affiliate assembly site, or being a PET advocate and promoter. Larry set the price at $10.00 per copy–$5.00 cost plus a $5.00 donation to PET! He never passes up an opportunity!!

Order now—“The Evolution of the P.E.T.”, January 6, 2006, by Larry Hills.
PET FL-Penney Farms, P O Box 919, Penney Farms, Florida 32079)


Pet Intl. has chosen to use the word “trustee” when referring to the members of its governing organization. I like that use of the word for it aptly describes the position. PET Intl. is a 501c3 and the federal government trusts it to fulfill its legal obligations. Donors trust the organization to get the most from their charitable donations. Recipients and potential recipients trust their future to the hope given by the promises of PET. Partner organizations trust PET Intl. to work with them in honest, open, ethical and Christian ways.

President of the Board, Jim Wrinkle, is a man who has combined a business
career with humanitarian work in his own community and around the world.
Steve Baima, Volunteer Executive Director, with degrees in Biology, has
worked in a broad spectrum of private and governmental jobs. Both Jim and
Steve have a high degree of passion for PET.

Every trustee of PET International shares that same passion and is deeply
involved in the actual work of making and shipping PETs. Dear Readers, the
trustees are worthy of your trust and need your support for the amazing
challenge ahead of us.—Mel West, Trustee