Volume 14 (PDF version)

2014 Marks the 20th Anniversary of the PET Mobility Project.

Turning Frowns to Smiles—World Wide With PET

We have been fortunate to see many smiles because of the success of PET through your support in various ways. We will start with some newer PET recipient stories and then include some past photos of very happy recipients. Smiles come from PET volunteers, assembly & istribution partners, and those who receive mobility maybe for the first time in their lives.

Only one arm? Needs a PET, not a wheelchair!

“Jacob Lee Stewart, C Squad 3rd Gen gives a PET (Personal Transport) cart to a happy recipient at the Agape In Action (AIA) dorm in Quiche, Guatemala. The World Race put together 10 of these PETs and searched out those in need in the local town square and market. A picture is worth a thousand words!”

(Great Partners Make PET a Success: We have partnered with MedShare for 5 years. Agape in Action is a medical missions organization working to serve the indigenous Mayans of the Quiche province who would otherwise go without care. This man received a child size PET made at PET MO-Columbia. PET MO-Columbia was the first production shop 20 years ago.)

PET Sighting in Nepal: December 2013 blog post: “Recently Dr. Dale Dykema and wife Cathy attend the Lions International 2013 ISSAME conference in Nepal to exhibit and raise awareness for PET International.

NL14p2i1(PET Becomes Mobile Newsstand)

“While in Kathmandu, Dale & Cathy happened to see a 2009 PET cart recipient who is still using his PET cart in the streets to sell newspapers.”
We appreciate their willingness to attend the conference and share our PET story with Lions Club members from South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Lions from around the world are PET volunteers, distribution partners and donors.

You’ve Given Smiles Around the World for 20 Years!

“…The smiles, clapping, and abundant joy permeate the presentation of each
new PET cart. We can’t thank you enough for partnering with The Luke Commission
to reach the folks in the rural areas who are often overlooked and forgotten.
To God be the glory!” Janet Tuinstra from all the TLC Team

NL14p2i2(Lady receives a Pull PET in 2011. Picture taken by our Director of Operations, Von
Driggs, who helped distribute.)

Thanks to co-founders Rev. Mel West and missionary Larry Hills. They started the first two production shops in Missouri and Florida.

From Liberia 2006 to Guatemala 2008 and beyond.

From Liberia 2006 to Guatemala 2008 and beyond.

Vietnam man gets PET from You and PET MI-East Michigan

NL14p3i4No Hands? No Legs? Get a Push-Pull PET!

PET MI-East Michigan began producing Pull PETs in 2008 and affiliated in 2010. Their product is called a Pull PET for those lacking upper limbs or strength; but because of the articulated handle design, it also can be operated as a Push PET. As of the beginning of 2014, this Affiliate had produced and shipped 490 Push-Pull PETs.

PET MI-East Michigan is logistically challenging because they operate from two
shops approximately 70 miles apart. In one shop, all of the woodworking, some painting, and pipe bending occurs. In the other shop, some painting, all of the welding, assembly, packaging, and temporary storage happens. To further complicate matters, they powder coat the metal parts at a professional shop about half way between.

For 2014, their goal is to produce another 80 Pull PETs for distribution where ever they may be needed.

NL14p4i1“I came back from Dakar last night and I can confirm you that all the 154 PET carts have arrived in Nioro Du Rip, Senegal.

“This is an opportunity for me to thank very warmly the U.S. Navy who accompanied
us throughout all the process.”

Dialla TOURE
Organization Ker Yaakaar

March 2014 email update; note the pallets of boxed PETs being loaded on the blue truck in the background from the naval ship at the port.

Also Possible Through Your Support

777 Boeing freighter delivers PETs to Africa. Alaska Sudan Medical Project reported on the safe arrival of 26 PETs from PET Inland Northwest in Spokane, WA, to Old Fangak, South Sudan. They were transported thru the freight gift from the Boeing Company as they dispatched a new 777 freighter to Nairobi.

7 million in Vietnam can’t walk. Can you help us ship more PETs?: Mike Breuker, PET NL14p4i2volunteer, sent a report on his experience of distributing 175 PETs and other information to help us plan with the D.O.V.E. Fund. In Vietnam “… it is estimated there are 7,000,000 people who can’t walk and many of these disabilities are the result of the war…. If the D.O.V.E. Fund could raise the necessary money to ship more carts, how many do you want to ship and when? We would like to ship 300 to 350 carts to Vietnam in 2014. We think this is a wonderful project that is extremely cost effective with the help of PET, Hearts for Hue, and the Red Cross. Areas that would like to receive the carts are the following: Quang Tri, Hue, Hanoi, and Quy Nhon….”

(Picture of overseas shipping container of PETs being unloaded onto a truck in Vietnam.)

PET is safer and more reliable:
“This elderly gentleman had been using a pump action tricycle cart that kept tipping over as well as developing flat tires, especially when he was not near his house where he could call for assistance. His upper body strength is normal but his legs no longer offer reliable support. He was most grateful for this PET cart where he felt both comfortable and secure.”
Foundation to Encourage Potential of Disabled Persons sends another report from Thailand

Update on Our First Year With the CFC

PET International (CFC #38749) was accepted as an authorized charity for the past 2013 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is similar to the United Way in that all US Governmental employees (civilian and military, current or retired) can easily make contributions designated to specific charities or shared across all charities listed in the CFC. So far twelve regional CFCs (US and Overseas) have reported on pledges made for 2014 for our PET Mobility Project. In April we began receiving your gifts.

Thanks to all of you who shared about our being in the CFC and those of you who gave thru this new avenue. We have already been approved to continue to be a part of the campaign this fall for 2015.

1,000th PET and Progress After a Fire

PET IA-Hawarden was highlighted on KCAU TV news for building their 1,000th adult PET. PET UT-Northern was Affiliated in 2012. They have now completed their 75th adult PET. They had to regroup after their first shop was in a fire. After production shops are affiliated and their PETs are inspected for an initial shipment, they can build as many as they can or desire. Currently the PET production at our shops range from 1 to 30
units a week.

We Owe You 1,513 Thank Yous

In the first quarter of 2014, your gifts helped us coordinate the shipping of 1,513 from our Affiliates, production shops, to our distribution partners. I would like to say Thank You to the many who have given their time and resources to enable the Gift of Mobility to reach those in need. Von Driggs, Director of Operations.

NL14p6i1NL14p6i2Lather. Rinse. Repeat.* Thank You!

Your Gift of Mobility transformed Hong’s life! The accident took his legs, driving him deeper into poverty. But when Hong crawled off those “walking blocks”, up onto a PET, and then took off riding — he was simply


with your Gift of Hope and convinced he would now find (or possibly even make!) his own job.

You set Hong free. Every PET sets that person free! — Ed McDonald, Exececutive Director

*PS This reminds me of the old joke about the student computer programmer getting stuck in the shower because the shampoo bottle says “Lather. Rinse. Repeat.” That’s like our mission in a nutshell—working with you to repeat over and over lifting the next Hong up out of the dirt, and into their own personal Gift of Mobility. It’s a long line of need…they’re crawling in the dirt … and waiting on us. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Let’s do it again!