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 How Do PETs Get Distributed?

From the beginning of PET in 1994, PETs have gotten to recipients in
a variety of ways: one on a plane with a passenger or with a recipient,
overseas shipping container, trailer or church van driven over the US border,
US Navy’s Project Handclasp, …. The following are some examples.


Hi Von, I wanted to share a few high-impact pictures of a recent MedShare
shipment of PETs. We just received photos of PET carts being distributed in
Bangladesh. They were shipped to a partner organization called icddr,b. The
carts were assembled by students at the American International School of Dhaka,
and as you can see they gave two to a family of four (a father and three children),
all of whom have disfigurement in their hands and feet.

Thank you for helping to give dignity and mobility to people around the globe!
Warmest regards, Chuck Haupt, Executive Director, MedShare Western Region
in CA” February 2013

Those PETs were made in Kansas, trucked to an NGO (non-governmental
organization) in California, shipped to an NGO in Bangladesh,
reassembled by volunteers at a school and given to a family.

In 2010 we began working with June Hanks of the Advantage Program
in Haiti. Various Affiliates have delivered orders by trailer or shipped by
semis over the last few years to Apostolic Christian World Relief on their
behalf in Indiana. From there they head to Haiti. February 2013 report.


“Hello Von,
I have attached a picture of Maxene assembling a pediatric PET push-pull
cart. Thanks to PET International for the support you give to MTIAdvantage
Program by providing the possibility for mobility for our clients!

Maxene (the young man in the photo) uses his adult PET cart to come
back/forth to work every day. He assembles carts, trains people to use carts
and repairs broken carts. He asks that I send a special “thanks”
to PET International for how your cart has “mobilized him in life”.

Many thanks! Anba zel Li (Under His Wing),
June E. Hanks, PT, PhD, DPT, CWS, CLT, EMT
Medical Teams International
Haiti Advantage Program Director in Les Cayes, Haiti”

How Long Does It Take to Get to the Recipient(s)?

NLv12p2After approval, that could be a few days to several months. Our Affiliate, PET TX-San Antonio, found they could load 18 PETs onto a trailer and drive it to Mexico. This was possible with the cooperation of Stan Marley of PET TX-Rio Grande Valley, Lions Clubs on both sides of the border and CUPS (Comunidades Unidas Pro Salud).

Once one of our shops in MO shipped a PET to KY. A young lady from Nigeria was NLv12p3bottombeing brought to KY for surgery; afterwards she would still need mobility assistance. When she was heading home, the airline said if she rode the PET into the airport (needed mobility device), they would ship it free along with the passenger.

Now for a longer example. A partner has been approved and an order is placed. The partner is fundraising for the overseas shipping expense ($3,000 to $14,000)—months might pass. PETs are now delivered to the US port, warehouse, etc. They are loaded into a container. Overseas shipping of one or more months. Arrives at the closest port. Customs might take days or weeks to release. Now how far inland is the final destination to the receiving organization? Then some more days to coordinate storage, reassemble PETs, truck across the country and hold a distribution. Oh but there was civil unrest and the distribution had to be put off till next month.

Thankfully in all of these scenarios, our partners are faithful and dedicated in helping the leg handicapped and keep pushing forward. (Also see Botswana story.)

Distribution Partner reports:

January 14, 2013 email from KODO: “2012 will go a long way in history of the changing lives for these disabled children. They had a lot of problems, some of them were being carried in wheelbarrows, some on their mothers backs, some were left in villages while some brave ones could crawl to nearby schools. Thank you to PET Zambia and the PET International Team. You have done wonders to Malawi in 2012. George Chimpiko, Kuthandiza Osayenda Disability Outreach (KODO)”

February 21, 2013 newsletter from CHaRA (Construction Health and Relief Acts): “Last week we finished packing…and filling up a 40’ container to send to Zanzibar. The main portion of this container is PET carts and wheelchairs for kids with disabilities. We shipped 33 wheelchairs and 89 PET carts….” We began our
partnership with CHaRA in 2011 and have sent them multiple shipments for their work in Tanzania.

February 4, 2013 email update from 1040i: They sent a container of supplies to meet their team in Cote d’Ivoire: “…We shipped over 200 PET carts and construction supplies as there is no lack of work that needs to be done….”

Spring 2013 e newsletter from CUPS (Comunidades Unidas Pro Salud): They work in Mexico“…..distributed nearly one hundred PETs in Matamoros and Valle Hermoso…”

EdMcDonaldPhoto130x186New Executive Director

“… I am very pleased to announce to you that as of June 3, 2013, Ed McDonald will be the new Executive Director for PET International!!

I am certain this is a huge step forward for not only PI, but for all Affiliates as well….Ed has been a part of the PET family for a long time and with his skills, I am certain he will help us move forward in every area. This is an exciting time in our ministry and we all look forward to working with and for Ed! Sincerely, Jim Wrinkle, PI Chairman of the Board of Trustees” (excerpt)

Ed’s most recent connections to PET has been as Board Trustee, Long Range Planning Committee member and website development team for PET

NLv12p4redhatman“….Do you remember your first “PET Payday”? My first one was Mel’s sharing of “The Man in the Red Hat” photo in the late 1990’s. You can see it was one of the early prototype versions from the “angled” drive unit. Delbert Groves of PET Zambia told me recently he took that photo. Even then it took quite a bit of work
just to get that first PET to Mr. Red Hat. It’s amazing to think that our PET Family is now producing about 6,000 per year and still growing. Despite the complexity and effort of getting PETs to a recipient, the overall PET Project ministry continues to grow mainly due to the sheer persistence of those (YOU) with a PASSION for PET to serve the disabled. To Many More PET Paydays, Ed McDonald” (excerpt of letter to PET volunteers)

In Honor of

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Ann’s birthday by Jerome & Mary Doyle

Annual Conference in Tennessee on September 27 and 28

We are planning our 9th conference which will be hosted by our Affiliate, PET TN-Memphis. It will consist of our board’s Annual Meeting and Related Workshop Conference. Workshops will be held on a variety of topics including container shipping, shop safety, communications/promotional materials, and website presence. Some of our dedicated distribution partners will be in attendance to share their stories.

All are welcome to attend. See https://mobilityworldwide.org/annual-conference/ for details. It is a good time to hear and share PET stories and get to know the PET International board & staff and other PET volunteers. Registration must by received by Sept. 12 for one or both days. There is a fee for meals on both days. The event is being held between two local churches. Saturday night there will be a Celebration Dinner and program. 


Affiliate Sends a Full Overseas Container to Botswana

NLv12p5leftNLv12p5rightPET FL-Tampa’s founder, Jeff Sukup, is now a missionary in Botswana Africa. In March the Affiliate loaded 173 PETs into an overseas container. “On April 11, the Maersk Vallvik (ship) arrived in the port of Durban. The very next day, it was off loaded and loaded on to a train. On May 7, the container arrived and was unloaded in Gabarone!” There have been multiple distributions since. Congratulations to all involved.

PET Volunteer in Michigan Goes to Vietnam

NLv12p6Last fall we began a partnership with the D.O.V.E. Fund that works in Vietnam. A full shipment of PETs was sent. A PET volunteer from PET MI-Holland went to help; this is an excerpt of his report.

“This was my first time in Vietnam since I served as a battalion surgeon with the 3d Marine Division in Quang Tri in 1968-9. 

We distributed 140 PETs! Recipients included a number of double amputee veterans of the war…..During the trip we also visited various projects sponsored by D.O.V.E…..

If there is a Vietnam Veteran/PET Volunteer out there reading this…..We need to talk about you taking the trip that I dreaded and now treasure. D.O.V.E. sends a contingent every year…Dale Dykema”

Catherine was also on this trip and sent this picture. “It was one of the most beautiful days of my life to see this. Catherine Karnow”