June 2009 – Volume 5 (open PDF version)

Distribution in India with Lions Club

In October 2008 I began corresponding with the Lions Club District 322
B1 in Kolkata, India. After many months of planning, a donated container
load of seventy PET carts was shipped to Kolkata. I was invited by the Lions to attend the distribution on Sunday April 26. As I set out on my journey I wondered how this event would play out. I am happy to say that my expectations were greatly surpassed. As promised, the Lions Club fulfilled the assessment and documentation requirements very well, and the disabled were served.

Arms of Mercy deliver PETs in Honduras

Arms of Mercy delivered 85 PETs and has a goal to make that 300 by year’s end. Here is one of the recipients along with an excerpt from their Spring 2009 newsletter.

In poor communities, the disabled are often confined to a modest shack, dependant on help from friends and family who are usually struggling themselves. Most of the streets are rough dirt roads. Even those who can afford wheelchairs, find it impossible to leave their homes and move about in the community and some perish as a result. PETs to the rescue! A simple hand powered three wheel cart is the answer. It’s a beautiful sight as we have the privilege to see the tears of joy on the many faces of those who have received a PET (Personal Energy Transport). Usually dressed in their best outfit they anxiously try out their new hand powered vehicle. Pastor Luciano and I delivered these PETs in the Masca region…”

PET Kansas and Honduras Missions PET Distribution

In April we had a successful distribution of 190 PETs in Honduras. These included adult PETs, child PETs, push PETs and one pull PET. We started on the Pacific coast and went to the Atlantic coast and back to Tegucigalpa
driving 1500 hundred miles before it was over. Without any break downs or even a flat tire. We would like to thank PET TX—Luling for bringing 28 adults and 30 child PETs for our distribution and PET MO—Columbia for their pull PET. We had 6 distribution sites and one random site when we saw a man with one leg sitting in front of a store. We stopped and gave him a PET and before it was over we gave 3 more PETs to people in a small village not far from him. We were then out of PETs but could have given a few more away. We always had to add someone to our list at every stop for a PET at a future distribution. The need is big if we can only find them. A big Thank You to Ashley Williams and the Church of Christ of Honduras for finding the needy people for the PETs. They did a great job.

God Bless Those in Need, Kirby and Chris Goering, PET Kansas—Moundridge

Utah PET Affiliate in the Making

“Hi, Yes the Lord has been good to us. Attached you will find several pictures of the new site that should keep us busy for some time….The building has been relatively idle and had a lot of clean up do to. The roof was recently replaced….When I first inquired about leasing it, she (the manager) quoted me her boss’ number ($300/month). I explained that our initial site (the planing mill that burned) only cost us $1.00 per month, but I would offer $50. She insisted that she contact her boss to clear the deal. Next morning she called and asked, ‘Norm, how does $1.00 a month sound?’ Sometimes we just don’t realize how blessed we are. We have pretty well cleaned out the place…Hopeful we will be moving our equipment & spare parts in by the end of the month…. things are looking up and we just need to get back to work. Blessing to you all for all the help and prayers. Norm Anderson” (email excerpt February 20, 2009)

PET TX – Austin Celebrates

May 17, 2009 report on the ribbon cutting celebration from our Director of Operations, Von Driggs. “I was glad that we (Von and his wife, Linda) went down to be a part of the event. About 70 people came and the shop seemed to really be set up well. I had the opportunity to meet and personally speak with most everyone. I found out that PET TX – Austin made 40 units during the 40 days of lent! Not bad.”

PET TX – Austin enjoys the support of the community around it. Northwest Fellowship Church is donating space in their building and paying the electricity bill each month as their contribution to the PET ministry. The ‘Men of Hope’ from Hope Presbyterian Church are giving their time and helping financially. Bethany United Methodist Church is donating $$s and time. Bethany pastor, Tom Deviney, gave PET – Austin the challenge to build 40 PETs for Lent. Pastors from all three churches participated in the shop dedication ceremony.

In addition, PET TX – Austin is receiving support
from the Northwest Austin Rotary, the Cedar Park Lions Club, The Ladies of Charity and several other Sunday School classes at local churches.

The last group that is helping with PET TX – Austin is the Cris Cole School for the Blind. Yes, the school for the blind. They have a rehabilitation program to teach blind people carpentry. They are cutting, routing and drilling wood parts. It is wonderful to hear these individual’s excitement when they talk about being able to give back to others with handicaps. PET touches the lives of many other than the recipients.

One last story is about William. William is one hundred percent blind. On one Saturday workday during Lent, he came to the PET shop to help. He took the city bus, changed busses twice, walked from the last bus stop crossing two major highway intersections and one of our other volunteers finally found him in the parking lot trying to find our shop. We were painting that day and William jumped right in. You can imagine, someone who is one hundred percent blind has to paint by touch. William painted two complete PET bodies that day, and I have to admit, his painting was better than some of our other volunteers. John Rudd, President of PET TX—Austin

Gifts in honor or memory

  • In honor of Ann & Steve Valenta by Carol Daly; in honor of Donna DiSandro by Dennis Percy
  • In honor of Frank Amos by Joel & Lynn Matthiesen; In honor of Mel West by Mark & Gay Schoene
  • In memory of Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Zahler by Warren L. Zahler
  • In honor of My Friends and Family by William Radford