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Our mission: Mobility Worldwide MO-Southwest seeks to reflect the love of Jesus Christ by bringing mobility and dignity to those in developing countries who are unable to walk.

Considerations: There are in excess of 20 million people in developing countries unable to walk. All Affiliates, parts-makers, financial supporters, distribution partners and others engaged in the ministry of Mobility Worldwide are asked to consider, prayerfully and earnestly, the extent to which they can contribute to the realization of the international Vision.

Mobility Worldwide MO-Southwest has been in operation since fall of 2004, when we became the sixth PET production site. We have built over 800 PETs since we started, and are on pace to have our best year yet this year. Our latest shipment of 94 went to the GAIN warehouse in Pennsylvania. We have a shipment of 20 in Morocco at this time for distribution.

We are open to having groups come in and help assemble Mobility Carts — just get in touch and make arrangements as to when. We do programs for all types of organizations, civic, churches, etc. Last year we had over 60 people log in to work on site and another 25 at off site locations.

Contact Mobility Worldwide MO-Southwest

16382 Lawrence 1180
Aurora, MO 65605