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Our director emeritus and co-founder of PET has written a book to help tell the story of PET and those who need this rugged mobility device. The net proceeds will build and ship more PETs: adult & child crank and pull versions.The new book, “The AlphaPET Book,” is off the press. It is written for both children and adults, with lots of color photos and stories.

It is informative, educational, and will be highly useful for children’s sermons, vacation church school, and general reading. Each letter of the alphabet has a page for adults and a brief wording & picture page for younger children. It will make an excellent gift book.

Post paid, the books are $16.00 for one, $14.00 each for two or more.
Stop in at the PET office and they are $13.00.
Make checks to PET MO-Columbia and write “AlphaPET book” in the memo line.
Order from PET MO-Columbia, 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO 65202


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