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Date Shipped Number Shipped To: Description Shipped
2/16/1893MedShare56 large, 30 small, 7 pull
2/15/1840DIF, Acuna, Mexico
The Jocobo Rodriguez Foundation, Mexico
20 small
20 small
2/7/187AHMEN for Honduras4 small, 3 pull
1/25/18130Washington Overseas Mission for Honduras81 large, 21 pull, 28 small
1/15/18196Partners for Care for Kenya135 large, 40 small, 21 pull
12/19/17        3North Kansas City Rotary Club for Jamaica2 large, 1 small
 11/29/17 180 1040i in Ivory Coast140 large, 40 small
11/3/1748Nepal Lions20 small, 28 pull
10/20/17201Kenya Relief129 large, 72 small
9/22/1752Orphan Grain Train42 large, 10 small
   9/11/17         8AHMEN in GA for Honduras 6 small, 2 Pull
8/30/1759Burma Children’s Medical Fund35 large, 10 small, 14 pull
 8/4/17 194Partners for Care in Kenya194 carts and 50 mini-marts
7/15/1720Orphan Grain Train20 small
6/28/17204Partners for Care in Kenya24 Small, 31 Pull, 149 Large, 15 mini-marts
  5/3/17 155Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital, Malawi 48 large, 86 small, 21 pull, 9 boxes of spare parts for maintenance
 3/24/17    4Cross Ministries for Togo thru United Methodist Church 4 small
 3/8/17180MedShare in CA for worldwide 133 large, 40 small, 7 pull
3/21/17205Partners for Care – Kenya115 large, 50 small, 40 pull
 1/30/17 42MedShare in GA for worldwide 42 large
1/18/1734World Vision in PA20 small & 14 Pull
1/11/173Jamaica thru N Kansas City Medical & Dental Team2 large and 1 small
12/17205Kenya Relief117 large, 48 small & 40 Pull
11/2180Orphan Grain Train for worldwide98 large, 40 small & 42 Pull
11/45Washington Overseas Mission in Honduras2 large, 2 small, 1 Pull
10/112051040i in Ivory Coast177 large, 10 Pull, 18 small
9/146AHMEN (Honduras)6 small
9/23Mission Mobility (Guatemala)3 small
August 17110World Vision – PA warehouse for worldwide70 large/Pull & 40 small
July 22180MedShare’s warehouse in CA for worldwide133 large, 40 small & 7 pull along with used walkers, crutches & canes
July 157FAME in IN4 large, 2 child, 1 Pull, 2 mini marts
June 2227Haiti20 child & 7 Pull
June 1010Love A Child for Haiti5 child & 5 Pull
May 1333Junta de Beneficencia de Guaya… in ECUADOR33 child
May 16196World Vision warehouse in PA21 child, 131 adult, 44 Pull
April 4Kenya Relief in ALpallet of replacement parts for maintenance
March 23169Orphan Grain Train for worldwide50 child, 77 adult, 42 Pull
February 2614World Medical Mission in NC7 adult & 7 Pull
February 19143MedShare in CA for worldwide80 child, 35 adult, 28 Pull
February 2414AHMEN in AL for Honduras12 adult & 2 child
February 1291MedShare in GA for worldwideadult
January 1384Brother’s Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh for worldwideadult
January 185Hope Clinic in Guineapull, child & 3 adult
January 122Jamaica thru N Kansas City Medical & Dental Teamchild & adult