How Can You Help?
Give/Raise Funds:   It takes money to buy metal and parts, to weld, to package, to ship, and to distribute.  You can contribute money or help with fund-raising.

Volunteer Your Time:  help fabricate & paint component parts or assemble & package vehicles.  Could you deliver Mobility Carts to a U.S. location ?

Find Businesses that sell or make “off the shelf” items needed for the Mobility Carts.  Get them to donate or sell to you at no profit.  Send the items to an Affiliate.

Talk about Mobility Worldwide MI-East Michigan.  Promote.  Tell the story.

Link your website to ours. In your church/business website provide a brief introduction to Mobility Worldwide MI-East Michigan’s mission of mobility and then link to our website at .

DONATE:  please print out our donation form (PDF), fill it in and send it along with your donation to:

        Mobility Worldwide MI-East Michigan
        8071 South State Road
        Goodrich, MI 48438

Gifts from the Heart

Honor your loved ones while helping to provide another person with mobility.

Estate Planning

As you consider estate planning, consider making Mobility Worldwide MI-East Michigan a part of those plans.  The need for the GIFT OF MOBILITY is an ongoing need with millions around the world awaiting it.