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Mobility. Most of us never give it a second thought. However, for more than 20,000,000 people in developing countries who are unable to walk, it is a major concern. These individuals have suffered the loss of mobility because of landmine explosions, illness, birth defects, disease, or accidents.

The three-wheeled, hand-powered Mobility Carts, manufactured by Mobility Worldwide Florida, Penney Farms (and other Mobility Worldwide Affiliates), provide a means for these physically challenged individuals to achieve the “gift of mobility”.

Take a few minutes to view the video below to learn more about the Mobility Worldwide project, then explore our site to learn how you, too, can help give the “gift of mobility”.

Penney Farms and the site in Jacksonville are merging operations. The Jacksonville site continues to produce small Mobility Carts, like the one pictured here of the boy from Thailand.

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Photo courtesy of Delbert and Sandy Groves

Photo courtesy of Delbert and Sandy Groves